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Mod that aims to give a unique voice to various generic voiced npcs found in the vanilla game or from mods.

Permissions and credits
Please note:
Probably still need to edit the mod description a bit more to fit the change, but figured I should at least make unique voiced Jenassa available.

Due to CDPR no longer allowing their voice assets to be a part of mods for other games I have had to clean this mod of the assets which meant hiding the relevant files. I never wanted it to be this way especially as the one who's been spending a lot of time using their assets for a few mod projects that I was excited to share and update in the future when I had the time and motivation but still, I apologize for the disappointment that this mod will cover a substantially lower amount of npcs than was covered previously.

With that out of the way...

This is a WIP project where I attempt to add more individuality to some npcs by giving them a unique voice. To do this I am using voice assets from other games such as those from other games/mods. All permissions regarding any voice assets or edits to mod added npcs within this mod were directly received by the original owners.

Current npc(s) that are a part of this public version of the mod so far (more dialogue and other content will be added later when/if I feel like it):
1. Jenassa using Meresine's voice from Interesting NPCs (mod assets, vanilla npcs main file)
2. Serana using her already unique vanilla voice (Serana extension main file)
3. Jordis using Froa's voice from Interesting NPCs (mod assets, vanilla npcs main file)


I'll leave any key points that may be good to know for each npc between here and the COMPATIBILITY section.

Serana Extension:

Will update with more when I feel like it's needed

I included patches for:
My mod assets main file (if using Serana Extension main file, found in the Serana Extension patches optional file)
Improved Follower Dialogue - Lydia
Edit on compatibility as of 10/8/22:
I don't currently use Northbourne NPCs or High Poly NPC Overhaul 2.0 and just in case I don't grab them again (I may but I can't guarantee that), I'm just going to entrust the patching for these mods to any of you who are willing to make and update them on your own mod pages as any updates I do for these patches will be nonexistent or late at the very least. The patches will still work just fine for Jenassa, but not for Jordis, Serana, or any future npcs that may need a patch for those mods. When more updated versions of these patches are uploaded on other mod pages I will remove the outdated ones that I will no longer update.

You will of course need these mods and their requirements if you want to use these patches as they are masters.
Just disable/hide/delete what you don't need when downloading the patches optionals.

If the authors of these mods want me to remove these patches in future updates for any reason regardless of any of the permissions mentioned on their page or the fact others have shared their own patches for these mods in the past without noting that they've received permission whether it's because they would prefer to share their own, have someone else share it, or just don't want it shared in general, then they are free to message me and let me know. I'm just trying to help make my mod compatible with their mods so all of them can be used along with my mod.

Mods touching the same records such as Jenassa's npc record will need a patch since her voicetype has been changed.

CREDITS (I'm including just about all of the credits based on what is being worked on. I will update if anything is added from other mods/games):
Kris Takahashi for any of their voice assets included in the mod (their Interesting NPCs mod to be specific).
Disclaimer/Please note:
Kris Takahashi is NOT my official partner or co-authors of this work. They also do not assume any responsibility for this mod (specifically the results of my work). Complain to me in the thread/post section if you got a problem with my mod's content, not them.

PERMISSIONS (I'm just going to go ahead and go over everything):

Using the voice assets for your own completely separate mod:
I just want to make this absolutely clear. The voice assets that are being used are not owned by me. I was given permission to use them. I do not have any right to give permission to anyone to include these assets for their own separate public mod. Please refer to the permissions rules from the original owners if you want to use them for your mod. If these were owned by me then I would not mind, but they are not. Sorry.

Update to permissions as of 10/8/22: I plan on releasing a Serana extension update tomorrow. What was said above doesn't apply to this specific part of the mod nor those I release in the future (such as Valerica if/when I get around to her) which will only include the vanilla games' voice assets. If I include any voice assets from other games or mods however then the above statement will apply instead. I will make a note in the description here or in the files section for that file if I add other game/mod stuff for example the upcoming Serana Extension main file or pitch optionals for her.

Patches and Addons/Expansions to the mod:
Patches such as translations should be absolutely fine. Addons/Expansions to my mod which require my mod should be fine. Just don't put any of it behind a paywall please, early access or not. Voluntary donations like linking Patreon for anyone that wants to toss some money your way while you make free content I have no problem with so long as you aren't locking stuff behind tiers and such. Voluntary donations should be fine such as donation patreon stuff as long as there's no paywall/commercial purpose associated.
If you want to expand on the npcs from this mod whether it's adding more conversations, hellos, scenes, goodbyes, making them a follower, etc. asking me for permission is not needed. You are fine to do this without my permission. If you need to ask others for permission as well, do not avoid them. Please ask if them if you need to.

Is a new game required?
From my testing it is.
What I did to test it:
-I created a save without my mod.
-Then enabled the mod. The option to recruit Jenassa after typing completequest mq104 did not show.
-Then I started a new game by typing " coc whiterundrunkenhuntsman " from the main menu with my mod enabled from the very beginning.
-Made a save and then loaded it.
-The voice was fine and after typing completequest mq104 the option appeared.
So if you are running into any issues like dialogue options or whatever not showing or the dialogue I added being silent try starting a new game as it seems to be required if you tried this on an existing one.

Did you really receive direct permissions for what you're using?
I have already discussed this with Zaldir, a moderator, in 2020 who is the one noted on the porting content page to contact regarding a certain rights holder's stance on porting assets from their game(s) and provided them the proof of my permissions. I have also, within 24 hours of publishing this mod, messaged them and asked if they could take a look at my mod's description and make sure that I wasn't giving any permissions I shouldn't be giving and Zaldir's reply was "That looks fine to me." Of course, I can provide them with the proof again through a PM should they want me to.

Will you add more npcs?
I plan to. Some will be simple. Others will have a bit more to say and may even become additional follower/marriage options if they aren't already.
I also may release what I've done with already unique voiced npcs such as Valerica or Serana if I ever feel satisfied enough to release the content.
9/15/22 edited answer at date of unhiding the mod: Working on other stuff right now and don't have permissions to use CDPR voice assets anymore so motivation to continue this is pretty low at the moment. Will announce in a sticky when/if I decide to continue this with what I can still use.

Can you elaborate on mod added npcs?
By mod added npcs I mean the generic voiced npcs that are added by mods I use such as Capital Whiterun, Capital Windhelm, Redbag's Solitude, Immersive College NPCs, Obscure's COW, or even the recent lesser known mods like Wandering Merchants - Skyrim and Solstheim ( As long as permissions seem fine in the permissions and credits sections or if I have received direct permission by some other means like a PM such as what I got from Redbag there is a chance I might touch on those npcs.

What's wrong with dozens of npcs having the same voice?
Giving a unique voice to an npc helps to make them feel like they are their own individual character. Bethesda has done okay with what they had, but since my first playthrough, I felt that the variety in voices could have been better. For example it was kind of weird listening to Ysolda and Olfina who have the same voicetype talking to each other. I am one person and will never be able to completely fix the problem, but I can at least make it so at least one generic voiced npc gets their own unique voice and add that extra bit of variety when it comes to listening to the npcs.

Can you make a patch for this or that mod or spend your time giving a certain npc this voice that I think would suit them?
You're free to make requests, but I'm working on what I feel like working on. If you refer to the part of the FAQ where I mentioned contacting Zaldir, you'll realize that I have been working on this mod for at least a year. To be exact I started in December 2020 and have been working on and off on it ever since. All that you are seeing is just one of the many npcs I've worked on or tried working on. Even if the mod was fully completed to me, I would still be releasing just 1 to 3 npcs initially as I don't want to overwhelm myself.
It's very likely that I've tried working on the npc that you want me to work on and concluded that a voice actor/actress who's available to revoice these lines is needed in order to do the npc justice. And considering what I'm doing now, the other projects I'm working on, and having other games that I want to play I simply do not have the time to go searching around for volunteers who are willing to do this stuff for free.
I would highly recommend waiting for anyone else who is interested in doing this as well who has a suitable voice themselves or someone else that does to properly cover the more expansive npcs who are harder to cover like Elisif, Balgruff, and those within factions like Aela, Vilkas, etc.

What feedback, requests, and suggestions are acceptable?
All negative and positive feedback is acceptable so long as you aren't breaking any of NexusMods' rules or are going too far like spamming my PMs threatening me to update the mod or whatever. I value all positive and negative feedback in the things that I make so don't hold back! Be as picky as you feel you need to be. Point out those silent vanilla lines, typos, or whatever else in my mod that's really got you worked up. Even calling my mod garbage is okay, but just know vague feedback like this isn't exactly going to lead to anything. Give me specifics if possible. Also, even if I don't respond, please don't feel like it was wasted. Sometimes I'll read and just not respond. That's just how it goes sometimes.
As for suggestions/requests feel free to share whatever. Even if I don't make the patch you want made for my mod, someone else might see your post and make one themselves.

Why the long description for what is right now a simple mod?
I just wanted to get it out of the way. This will also hopefully give all of you some insight to what I have planned for this mod's future.

How long until you update with more npcs?
I don't know. Will update the mod when I feel like it. Could be days from now. Weeks. Months. Years...
I was initially going to wait until I was finished and release everything, but I decided recently to rebuild the mod for the sake of compatibility and making the mod more modular so I decided to go the route of releasing a little bit at a time to at least give you all something now rather than nothing until who knows when. This also will make things more manageable and less overwhelming. Instead of worrying about 50+ npcs at once, I can take things at a slow, steady and more manageable pace so it all worked out.

Can I expand on your mod like giving the npcs more to say, make them a follower/marriage option, etc?
As noted in the permissions I am okay with it. Feel free to contact Zaldir if you want more information on what you can upload to NexusMods.

What's the true motive behind this mod?
To make my Skyrim experience better. And if at least one of you finds this doing the same for your Skyrim, then it was worth sharing :)

Hope you all enjoy the public version of the mod for what it is, whether you're downloading it in its initial 1 npc state or when it's at the stage where it's got more to offer.