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Various patches and bug fixes for the Creation Kit to make life easier.

Permissions and credits

1. Extract the zip contents to your Skyrim Special Edition directory containing CreationKit.exe
2. Configure any options in skyrim64_test.ini
3. Run the Creation Kit
4. Done

Q. I already have tbb.dll or tbbmalloc.dll in my Skyrim folder, are they compatible?
A. Yes.

Q. Will you port this to Fallout 4 or the 32-bit Creation Kit?
A. Not likely.

Q. What version does this require?
A. The SSE CK version or

Q. The CK says I'm missing FonixData.cdx, where is it?
A. See the README included with FaceFXWrapper.


- SSE Creation Kit
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable (x64) for VCRUNTIME140_1.dll


- LIP file generation.
- Significantly decreases time while loading plugins.
- A fix for dialogs suddenly not opening. This is from a resource leak after opening too many dialogs and not restarting the editor.
- Navmesh psuedo-deletion option to remove triangles without actually deleting/modifying the mesh. (Idea by ElminsterAU)
- Ability to replace the kit's default memory allocator with a custom one.
- Ability to save master plugins (.ESM) files directly from the save dialog.
- Ability to edit plugins with ESP files as masters without them being removed.
- Ability to globally disable assert message boxes.
- Ability to skip topic info validation which significantly speeds up first-time validation.
- Ability to disable automatic facegen on save.
- Experimental patches that will come and go over time.


- aers for various work related to the game itself
- RoyBatty for annoying me to finally post this
- Some people in the xEdit discord for testing