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Make some NPCs with older faces have bodies that match

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This is the Special Edition version of this mod. It is also available for original Skyrim

First, a necessary bit of boilerplate. The Nexus and are the only legitimate locations where you should find this mod. If you find it in any other location, particularly if that location has required you to pay to be able to download the mod, be aware that someone who isn't me is providing unauthorised (that is, pirated) and unsupported goods and you should avoid them. It might be nice to tell me about it too :)

And now, about the mod itself. Have you noticed that some NPCs are clearly meant to be elderly if you look at their faces, but their bodies seem to be more appropriate for a younger person? Furthermore, this is not consistent - some older NPCs have bodies and faces that match.

Now, this may or may not bother you, but the visual disparity annoys me. What most people might have done is make the fake-old NPCs younger. Instead, I reckoned that generally the NPCs are supposed to be the age their faces look, so decided to make their bodies match their faces.

This mod requires that you have USSEP installed, and your game will crash on startup if you do not have it.

Spanish translation available, thanks to EHPDJFrANKy
Patches for a few mods, courtesy of Ranhirok (please contact the author for support with those patches)

Release History

2016-11-05: 4.0 - Initial release for Special Edition.
2016-11-08: 4.1 - Face textures are now mip-mapped.
2019-03-03: 4.2 - Add Edda in Riften.