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A collection of patches for magic mods to be compatible with Spell Research v2.2+

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What is this?

A collection of addons for Spell Research to incorporate spells from magic mods into the newer versions of Spell Research (v2.2+). Patches are flagged as ESL as to not count towards the mod limit. Spell Research originally had several patches integrated into it, but as of v2.2, it has been made necessary to remake/make them.

If you have a mod you'd like patched, feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do. Or, if you have a patch you'd like to have included here, i'm happy to host them.

Mods Patched
Ace Blood Magic (thanks to fullex2064)
Alterion Wards
Anna's NPCs (thanks to HocusIocus)
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
Apocalypse - Waterstride Addon
Archery Gameplay Overhaul (thanks to GabenMathis)
Caranthir Tower Reborn
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul (thanks to TheInfernalDragon)
Cosmic Spells
Cutting Room Floor
Dawnguard Arsenal
Detect Levers
Detect Light
Dragon Age Spells Redux (thanks to HocusIocus)
Druid Essentials (LE mod)
Elemental Destruction Magic
Forgotten Magic Redone (thanks to fullex2064)
Frostfall (thanks to HocusIocus)
Immersive College of Winterhold (thanks to GabenMathis)
Inigo (thanks to HocusIocus)
Jaxonz Blink Teleport (thanks to GabenMathis)
Magistrate Levitate
Mining For Mages Redux
Lore Friendly Spells
More Apocalypse
Recorder (thanks to HocusIocus)
Shadow Spell Package
Stendarr's Light (thanks to HocusIocus)
Synthesis Redux (thanks to HocusIocus)
Tomebound (thanks to fullex2064)
Tournament of the Ten Bloods (thanks to GabenMathis)
Undeath (thanks to GabenMathis)
Vigilant (thanks to GabenMathis)
Wyrmstooth (thanks to GabenMathis)
Wards Functionalities Extended
Zims Improved Dremora (thanks to GabenMathis)

Simply install like any other mod. Once ingame, go to Spell Research MCM menu, Options tab, and re-import your spells.


Compatible with everything, as it overwrites nothing. Other Spell Research addons will work together without issues if made correctly.

NOTE 1: This is for Spell Research 2.2, not 2.1, it won't work with 2.1, so don't do it!
NOTE 2: Do not rename any of the listed mod's esp's/esl's. If you do, the corresponding patch will not load. Same goes for if you merge any of these together.

Future Patches
As much as I'd love to tackle every massive spell mod out there, truth is they take a -long- time to patch, and i'm just 1 college student. Any patch donations would be more than welcome, or even partial files from the import tool would be a lot of help.

Due to the time they take to make, smaller mods get my priority, as they can be fairly quickly pushed out, but larger ones will take a while longer but can be done if there's enough demand for them.

Looking Into
Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul
Lost Grimoire
Psijic Teleport Spells


2.2.1 - Hotfix release for compacting form id's for ESL compatibility
2.2 - Added Jaxonz Blink Teleport, Undeath, Wyrmstooth, Zim's Improved Daedra
2.1 - Added inigo, Recorder, Anna's NPCs, Cosmic Spells, Synthesis Spells, Dragon Age Spells Redux
2.0.1 - Fixed Tomebound support (works now)
2.0 - Added Archery Gameplay Overhaul, Immersive College of Winterhold, Tournament of the Ten Bloods, Vigilant. Fixed Tomebound support
1.9 - Added Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul
1.8 - Added Ace Blood Magic
1.7 - Added Tomebound, updated Frostfall patch
1.6.1 - Fixed some missing scrolls, my bad.
1.6 - Added Frostfall, More Apocalypse, Apocalypse Waterstride addon, Detect Light, Detect Levers
1.5 - Updated Arcanum patch with restoration spells
1.4 - Added Stendarr's Light, Wards Functionalities Extended
1.3.1 - Added/Fixed support for Magistrate Levitate
1.3 - Added Arcanum, Forgotten Magic Redone, Tentapalooza, Druid Essentials, Caranthir Tower Reborn
1.2.1 - Added in missing importalias script that was causing patches to not load, my bad!
1.2 - Fixed ESL tag, added Alterion Wards, Cutting Room Floor, Elemental Destruction Magic
1.1 - Rebuilt patches into All-In-One Patch, added Shadow Spell Package
1.0 - Initial Release