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A true working economy. Bartering is not just about your Speech skill (nor should it be). Other factors determine pricing: resources in the area, time of year, distance from large cities... even the stage of the Civil War. Costs (other than bartering) likewise fluctuate over time, so you must consider how to spend your hard earned septims.

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Evolving Value Economy

Eve's focus is to make a working, and more interesting/realistic economy. Barter pricing is calculated based on more than your Speech Skill. This is done with a minimalist fashion to ensure compatibility with any other mods, and even enhance other economy mods.

In addition to bartering, costs governed by game settings and global variables are also randomized based on the same factors that adjust bartering (see below).

Bartering Factors

  • Resources: Some areas are more abundant in resources (more farms, more mines, etc.), but the laws of Supply & Demand somehow did not apply. With Eve, if you are in a Hold that has more resources available (therefore a higher supply), bartering will have lower pricing (both buying and selling).

  • Season: Harsh climates and seasons mean scarcer resources and/or more difficulty in fulfilling supply chains. Of course, some areas are less prone to this than others (the more northern holds may experience more difficulty in colder seasons than more southern holds). This in turn drives pricing.

  • Location: The closer you are to the areas most involved in the Civil War, the higher prices are as demand is going to be higher (the hold must provide for the troops waging the war). Areas not as directly involved on the other hand, have less demand.

  • Civil War: Speaking of Civil War... At the beginning you will experience lower prices. But as the war progresses, prices will increase all the way to the pinnacle of the war. Once the war is over, prices will stabilize (but there is now the effort to rebuild).


I have always struggled with the economy. How can you be level 10 and have enough gold to purchase a house and deck it out with all the most expensive furniture and gear? Wealth accumulation in Skyrim is as about an unrealistic representation of an economy as you can get. Work for your wealth. Be smart about how you spend money (buy low, sell high).

Aside from this, I liked the idea of being a merchant/trader as a side gig for the Dragonborn... which fits in to my SkyRem ideology.

Some price variations may seem very minor, others quite significant (but within the realm of possibility/logic).
In testing at different variations of all of the above factors:
  • Iron Axe: Bought in Solstheim during the warmer months at the beginning of the game for 25.
  • Iron Axe: Sold in Solitude in the colder months following the end of the Civil War for 40.
  • Same scenarios with an Ebony Warhammer: 1,682 and 2,674 respectively.

These are a couple rough representations of the two 'extremes' within an otherwise vanilla game.

In addition to the Bartering Factors that evolve with the game as detailed above, Game Settings and Global Variables related to the Skyrim Economy are periodically adjusted to simulate a changing economy. Some of these remain static, but many "evolve". You may want to consider when buying that new house with your hard earned septims... the price may drop, but it may increase as well. There is some predictability of course if you consider the above four factors.

  • The Min and Max barter range is widened, meaning the minimum sell price and maximum buy price are greater. This sets a greater discrepancy between what you pay and what you receive for the same item (Static).
  • Rental prices are increased: Rooms, carriages and ferries, and animals (Dynamic)
  • Costs of services are increased: Hirelings, horses, face sculpting (Dynamic)
  • Houses (including building Hearthfire homes) and furnishings are more expensive (Dynamic)
  • Investing in Vendors is more expensive (Static)
  • Jobs pay less (chopping wood, mining, farming, etc.)(Static)

Lastly, some more minor economy tweak/changes:

  • Crime is more expensive, and varies by hold (Falkreath has some lycan issues, so getting caught transforming there will cost more than other holds).
  • More NPCs will act as merchants and will trade goods based on their occupation (such as farmers and miners).

Eve works by adding several Perks to your character via a script that runs one time. All bartering tweaks work via these Perks.

A script runs periodically to randomly adjust the costs of other items. Therefore, even if you have a mod that adjusts these, Eve will eventually adjust them. It will completely overwrite the changes from other mods, but it will adjust the cost by a %.

As such, this mod is 100% compatible with all mods. Eve can be used alone, or as a compliment with other economy mods (Trade & Barter, Trade Routes, Economy Overhaul and Speech Improvements).

While compatibility should not be an issue, there is at least one limitation that has been pointed out. Some dialogues may quote a specific price - if this is the case, the price may not reflect accurately when that dialogue is connected to a game setting / variable for the actual transaction.

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