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Another EZ mod... but with a little twist. EZs completely reworked. Leveled Actor game settings tweaked. And most importantly, a little periodic randomization to keep you on your toes.

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Improved NPC Encounter Zones

The aim of Inez is to make Encounter Zones more realistic and more dynamic (and more interesting).
This is accomplished in a similar manner as other EZ mods (change Level Minimums, change some Game Settings). However I also incorporated a "randomization" component to make things a little more unpredictable.

This mod has four primary features: Reworked Encounter Zones (minimum level), tweaked Leveled Actor Multiplier settings, a Random factor to be applied to the Leveled Actor Multiplier that resets each time you change locations (so there is no 100% predictability what you are going to run in to), and lastly - disabled combat boundaries for many areas (where it makes sense... i.e. your opponent is able and willing to give chase).

Encounter Zone Minimums

Encounter Zone Level Minimums have been recalculated based on a number of factors, detailed below.

NPC Type: Zones were divided into 25 distinct categories and assigned a "base" minimum level and range based on the type of NPC found in each zone. Small animals, bandits, and simple draugr will always be weaker than werewolves, vampires, and dragon priests. The [rough] hierarchy is:

  • Animal Dens (wolves, sabrecats, skeevers)
  • Monster Dens (trolls, wraiths) and Bandit Camps
  • Forsworn Camps, Reaver Camps and Riekling Camps (Dragonborn)
  • Orc Strongholds, Draugr Crypts, and Spriggan Groves
  • Hagraven Nests, Thalmor and Silverhand sites
  • Falmer Hives, Giant Camps, Undead Lairs (stronger version of Draugr Crypt)
  • Dwarven Automoton Sites, Ashspawn Sites (Dragonborn), Lycanthrope Lairs, and Warlock Lairs
  • Apocrypha
  • Ghost and Vampire Lairs
  • Dragon Priest Liars

Locations: A Location factor is applied to the NPC Type base. The closer to civilization, the weaker. The more secluded, the stronger. Areas rarely explored by the average adventurer (high in the mountains, deep beneath the earth) will be more dangerous by nature. These were divided into 5 categories:

  • Major Hold: Locations within or on the outskirts of a major hold's city.
  • Minor Hold: Locations within or on the outskirts of a minor hold's city.
  • Hold Adjacent: The next 'circle' away from the more densely populated areas... close to a centralized area of a hold.
  • Secluded: Areas further away... by shear distance or based on altitude (again, high in the mountains, deep beneath the earth).
  • Isolated: Areas far enough away that the general public are typically unaware of the area (or it is at least out of sight out of mind).

Quests: A Quest Importance factor is then applied. The more important a quest, the more difficult the NPCs. Random quests that can be obtained anywhere will have weaker opponents than those that advance the Main Quest, a Faction Quest, or a quest that results in obtaining an Artifact / Power. This factor was likewise divided into 5 categories:

  • Major Quest: Advances a major quest line, such as a faction quest line or the main quest line.
  • Minor Quest: Unique, yet not necessarily part of a multi-phase major quest.
  • Misc Quest: Similar to Minor Quests, but not always unique (can be obtained through various NPCs).
  • Radiant Quest: Repeatable, simple quests.
  • None: Zones with no real quests associated with it.

Leveled Actor

Leveled Actor Game Settings set the multiplier for Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard NPCs found within an Encounter Zone. The Vanilla settings are 0.33, 0.67, 1.00, and 1.25 respectively.

Example: You are in a Zone with a Min of 5, and you are level 20. You will encounter enemies that are level 7, 13, 20, and 25 (respectively).

Each of these four settings have been increased to: 0.60, 0.90, 1.20, and 1.50.
Using the same example, you will encounter enemies that are level 12, 18, 24, and 30.

The above two features will not affect the limits for which Leveled Lists use. However if you use mods that add additional or more difficult enemies, they will be affected by the EZs and Game Settings described above as well.

Random Factor

The last thing Inez does is add a randomization factor for these settings. There is now a +/- random 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30% to these four settings. This randomly sets the four game settings each time you change locations. When you enter an area, the random factor will be different than the last area you entered. While you may have found a tough time in the previous dungeon, the next one may seem a little easier. This provides less predictability and more variation.

Once again with the above example. You may find level 8, 13, 17, and 21 (on the low end), or level 16, 23, 31, and 39 (on the high end).

This example could also result in a mix... the boss may be only level 21 while his minions are between level 16 and 31. Or... you may walk through the entire area going against level 8 to 17 NPCs to find a boss leveled 39.

Combat Boundaries

Many of the EZs have been flagged to disregard combat boundaries, allowing many NPCs to give chase. Zones primarily inhabited by animals, creatures, and humanoids (non-undead) may not give up because you hit a border / load screen.


Note that this does not adjust Leveled Lists, and the numbers are all based on a number of formulas. No - the exact levels may not match up with a NPC Leveled List, but the closest NPC to the designated level will be selected. Inez works fine with both vanilla lists, as well as mods that add to lists.

Because Inez extensively adjusts Encounter Zones and changes the Leveled Actor Multiplier settings, the majority of it will be incompatible with mods that do the same. However, the randomization factor is done via script and will therefore be compatible with anything.

If you like the Encounter Zones set by Inez... great. If you do not, but still want the randomization, you can simply load Inez before your EZ mod of choice. The EZs of Inez will be overwritten, but the randomization will happen as intended.

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