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Genders in Skyrim serve no (non-aesthetic) purpose. This is a light mod that aims to change this in a lore-friendly manner.

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Genders Are Boringly Indistinct

Genders do nothing... beyond provide more options for aesthetics (hairstyle, bodyslide, etc.)
This mod adds a couple of simple tweaks that scale with your character every 20 levels, based on your gender. The goal with Gabi is to add some distinction without adding game-breaking, over-powered changes.

Gender Tweaks

The bonuses provided are based on your race and gender combination. For those that might wonder why the bonus is what it is - I refer you to the quotes taken directly from TES lore.

Altmer: "... are the most strongly gifted in the arcane arts of all the races..."
  • Male: +1 Magicka / Level
  • Female: +5% Magicka Regeneration

Argonian: "... ability that multiplies their health..."
  • Male: +1 Health / Level
  • Female: +5% Health Regeneration

Bosmer: "... best archers in all of Tamriel..."; "... have a nearly chameleon-like ability to hide..."
  • Male: +3 Archery skill
  • Female: +3 Sneak skill

Breton: "... magical elite..."; "... capable mages with innate resistance to magicka..."
  • Male:  +5% to Spell Duration
  • Female: +5% Magic Resistance

Dunmer: "... superior warriors and sorcerers..."; "... naturally resistant to fire..."
  • Male: +5% Spell Magnitude
  • Female: +5% Fire Resistance

Imperial: "... well-educated and well-spoken..."; "... shrewd diplomats..."
  • Male: +5% Selling prices when bartering with Females
  • Female: -5% Buying prices when bartering with Males

Khajiit: "... very good thieves..."
  • Male: +3 Lockpicking
  • Female: +3 Pickpocket

Nord: "... incredible resistance to cold and magical frost..."
  • Male: +5 Armor Rating
  • Female: +5% Frost Resistance

Orc: "... and Orc warriors in heavy armor are among the finest front-line troops..."
  • Male: +3% Melee Damage
  • Female: +3% Physical Resistance

Redguard: "... are also physically blessed with hardy constitutions..."
  • Male: +1 Stamina / Level
  • Female: +5% Stamina Regeneration

Custom Races

While designed to work with Vanilla races (the 10 races you can select in a vanilla game), Custom Race support is included.
If you use a Custom Race mod, or a mod that lets you choose a race other than these 10, you will receive a prompt following character creation allowing you to select one of the existing gender bonuses. Custom Race males will be able to select a male bonus, and likewise for females.

This mod runs a short script following character creation and each time you level up via the Story Manager.
Gabi should be 100% compatible with any other mod. Of course if you find out otherwise, please let me know.

Note: The Active Effect text checks your current race and gender each time it is accessed. However the script to add the bonus is applied once. Due to this, if you change Race or Gender mid-game, the Active Effect text will change based on your new selection, but the bonus applied does not change and will remain the same as your original choice.

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