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No longer become wealthy, nor sate your every need, by simply walking around and picking up everything.
You will need to acquire things the old fashioned way: Steal it, or Kill and take it (though buying from a merchant will work too).
Iris greatly reduces the amount of cell placed items throughout Skyrim.

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Indigent Residents ISkyrim

Iris's focus is to reduce the amount of cell placed items found throughout Skyrim. While there are a number of economy mods available to improve how Leveled Lists, Containers, and NPC Items work (loot overhauls), I feel there is great opportunity to further prevent wealth creep, and make the Skyrim experience more interesting and rewarding, by expanding these concepts to items that are placed directly in cells.

Nearly every single cell in the game experiences a 20-80% reduction in the amount of valuables (and not so valuables), while making every effort to ensure the changes make sense - there is no blanket % reduction. Items removed were hand-picked based on the location and the inhabitants (or lack thereof).

While intended to be an addon / supplement for Loot Overhaul - Rarity and Abundance, Iris should make an easy and completely compatible addition to any load order in which you want to reduce wealth creep.

What Is Reduced

  • Non-Valuables: The majority of food, beverage, and ingredient items have been removed from nearly every cell other than those inhabited and/or frequently visited by NPCs, such as houses, inns, and shops. Some can still be found in areas in which bandits, warlocks, and others have taken up residence. It will be rare (if not impossible) to find these in areas that do not see much sentient activity for long periods of time (ruins and tombs). In addition, a tremendous amount of "clutter" items (baskets, plates, lanterns, brooms, bowls, kettles, ladles, and so forth) have been removed.

  • Semi-Valuables: Finding armor, ammo, and weapons just randomly lying around will be much less likely. Seeing as these are relatively more valuable, I find it unusual to see them placed everywhere throughout the land, just waiting to be taken. Yes - NPCs will remove their armor and place their weapons on a table from time to time, but do they not pick them up when they are on the move again? Lastly: Books - these were left mostly untouched. Some of the "cheap" / "common" books were removed, but most remain, including Skill Books.

  • Valuables: Included here: Septims, Potions, Scrolls, Spell Books, Gems (both the precious and soul varieties). These have been reduced the most. I view these as the items that few would leave available for the taking. Instead, these are things most owners would keep on them, or secured in a less conspicuous place than a table top (chest, safe, other containers).

Nearly 35,000 objects have been removed from nearly every single cell in the game. As stated above, this was done in a way that should make sense. Each cell was reviewed for what it should contain (and not contain) as well as how much. Also as stated above, Leveled Lists and Containers were not touched, therefore merchant inventories, treasure chests, food barrels, etc. have not been altered. A few examples:
  • Regular Houses will typically contain primarily non-valuable items, including enough food for the residents and clutter.
  • More wealthy houses will contain the same, but may also include some luxury items (such clutter items made of silver).
  • Shops will still contain an assortment of what they sell.
  • Areas inhabited by those that might be sensitive to a particular material will not keep a plethora of items made of said material.
  • With a few exceptions, Dwarven Ruins will be nearly the only place to find Dwarven items within the cell.
  • Soul Gems will only be found in areas inhabited by those that utilize them.

Iris simply tags the (nearly 35,000) items as "Initially Disabled" - nothing more. In testing with an extensive load order and a large variety of mods, no issues were noted. Of course if one is found, please report it.

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