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The Dragonborn, while not all knowing, is a bit more intuitive when interacting with the world. Simply "activating" everything you come across is a bit unimmersive.
Mia changes the activation text in many scenarios: dialogue, entering buildings, crafting, and even many quest specific actions to be more realistic and/or interesting.

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More Immersive Activations

A simple mod that changes the activation texts when interacting with the world.
The goal is to make things more realistic and immersive.


  • Instead of generic 'Activate Forge' or 'Activate Grindstone', you 'Forge Equipment' or 'Temper Weapon'.
  • Instead of generic 'Activate XXX Shrine', you now 'Worship XXX' at their respective shrine/altar.
  • Instead of generic 'Activate Alchemy Lab', you 'Mix Ingredients'.
  • Instead of generic 'Activate Cooking Spit', you... well... 'Cook'.
  • Many quest / scenario specific changes (don't 'Activate' the brazier, 'Pour Nurelion's Mixture' in it!)

  • Prior to meeting/speaking to an NPC, you will not see their name. Only their gender and race.
  • For instance, Faendal will first show as 'Male Bosmer' until you talk to him (or he you, whichever comes first).

  • Buildings and structures that you enter through a door are no longer named.
  • As you approach a door, you will see either 'Enter', or 'Unlock' if the door is locked.

  • Have all of the above;
  • Only use the 'Actions';
  • Only use the unknown locations/doors;
  • Only use the unknown NPCs;
  • Use any combination.

This mod works by adding a single Perk to your character via a script that runs one time. All activation text changes are handled by this perk.
As such, this mod is 100% compatible with all mods that do not do the same thing.

If you use the a mod or script that altars location names (such as the zEdit patch to add levels to locations), the perk that changes locations/doors will overwrite this and you will no longer see the other name. You can turn this off via the MCM and the levels will reappear ("Hold the Door" option). There may be other overwrite/overwritten scenarios - this is the only one I am currently aware of and have confirmed.

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