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Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide.
Patches and files needed for the guide will be available here on the Nexus. The guide itself is on the Step Wiki (use link below).

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SkyRem Guide

What is SkyRem? Yes - SkyRem is an acronym (if you have delved into any of my mods, this is probably very apparent) for Skyrim Roleplay Enhancment Modding. Alone, Skyrim is a great game. With the involvement of the modding community, it has become a phenomenal game. This guide, along with the few mods I have authored, is my attempt to give back to that community (or at least contribute in some way).

SkyRem Concept: Add to the Skyrim experience by incorporating elements of strategic roleplay with a focus on character creation, growth, and development that works seamlessly with the base (vanilla) game. While this began with the desire to tweak character creation, it has since grown into two (currently) series of mods and now a guide as I work to put it all together.

There are great guides available already, with different goals in mind and varying degrees of difficulty (both difficulty of game and difficulty of guide). After countless hours of using other guides, adding, subtracting, altering, combing through category by category every mod on the Nexus, and reading and researching... this guide is my "finished product" based on the concept above, with the following priorities in mind:

(1) Stability
(2) Mechanics
(3) Content
(4) Aesthetics

This is not a difficulty or beautification mod guide by design. One could argue that difficulty is incorporated simply by the nature of the roleplay focus and modifications, but the intent of the guide goes far beyond just making Skyrim more difficult. As for beautification - there are plenty of mods specifically for this included in the guide, but is not the primary focus. I have also incorporated these into the guide in a way that will make it easy for you to add / subtract / substitute... whatever you prefer (or whatever your system allows).

A word of caution: It is a good idea to review the Home Page of the guide in its entirety to see if this is the setup for you before beginning.

This guide provides:
  • A stable and Performance Friendly setup.
  • Installation directions and instructions for using various modding tools and techniques.
  • Patches to make mods included work together (via Nexus): Custom settings, NPC Patch, and a consistency/conflict resolution patch (SkyRem Patch).
  • Support via Discord and regular updates.

This guide does not:
  • Include Dead Mods: Mods that need updating or mods with excessive (or unanswered) bug reports/comments) without simple solutions.
  • Include CBBE: What little I do in this regard is UNP.
  • Include 4k+: Whenever possible, I use 2k at the most. There are a few exceptions in which 2k is not available however.

Patches will be provided as the guide develops.
I cannot guarantee compatibility with mods outside of the guide.

SkyRem Character Series - GRACE
Grace: SkyRem Character Series AIO
Gabi: Genders Are Boringly Indistinct (SkyRem Genders)
Rae: Race Abilities Enhanced (SkyRem Races)
Ava: Attribute Value Application (SkyRem Attributes)
Cori: Class Overhaul Re-Imagined (SkyRem Classes) for SE and AE
Elsa: Early Life Skill Adjustment (SkyRem Backgrounds)

SkyRem Immersion Series - EMILI
Emili: SkyRem Immersion Series AIO
Eve: Evolving Value Economy (SkyRem Economy)
Mia: More Immersive Activations (SkyRem Activators)
Inez: Improved NPC Encounter Zones (SkyRem Encounter Zones)
Lora: Loot Overhaul - Rarity & Abundance (SkyRem Loot)
Iris: Indigent Residents In Skyrim (SkyRem Indigence)

SkyRem Gameplay Series
Misti: Masterly - Intuitive Skill Tree Integration (SkyRem Perks) for SE and AE
Cassi: Constellations - A Standing Stones Improvement (SkyRem Standing Stones)

SkyRem: Skyrim Roleplay Enhancement Mod Guide
SkyRem Guide: A guide based on the SkyRem concept (Roleplay Enhancement Modding)