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Simple mod to increase a starting skill based on your background.

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Early Life Skill Adjustment

What were you before that fateful cart-ride (or before ending up next to a Mara statue under mysterious circumstances, or floating over a burning ruin that was once Helgen, or being confronted by the mystical dragon messenger in a seedy inn room)?

How well do you remember your past (or how good were you at your previous profession)?

Ever wonder what the Dragonborn did before becoming the Dragonborn? What is his/her background? His/her origin? What type of life did he/she live prior to becoming a legendary master of the voice? Well.... this mod doesn't answer that... exactly.

This is just a simple mod that prompts you with a single question. Upon answering, the Elsa provides 1) one time skill increase based on the selected skill, 2) increased learn rate for the selected skill, and 3) the first perk in the skill tree of the selected skill. Each of this is MCM configurable: Skill bonus and learn rate can range from 0 (no bonus) up to 20 (+20 skill and +20% learn rate). These can be set in increments of 5.

In addition, you have the option of automatically gaining the first perk in the skill tree (toggleable in the MCM).

For example if your character was a bowyer before arriving in Skyrim, you get a +0 to +20 skill increase in Archery, you learn Archery 0% to 20% faster, and you gain the first level of the Overdraw perk.

For compatibility (and to not add yet another message right at the beginning of a game), Elsa adds a power called "Reflect" that can be used one time, allows you to make a decision, and then disappears forever. Nothing more to it. However, be sure to make any adjustments to the MCM before using this power. Once you use the power and make a choice, it is done.

Why? I play with mods (including my own) that set starting skills lower than the base 15. I did not intend for this to be used with vanilla, but rather with overhauls that reduce the starting skill levels. I also feel a straight 0/1/5/10 start across the board did not make sense either (your character did have a life prior to Skyrim, right).

To use, simply set up the MCM (SkyRem Backgrounds), then use the added power (Reflect) to make your choice.

Bowyer: Archery
Shieldbearer: Block
Armorer: Heavy Armor
Fencer: One Handed
Woodcutter: Two Handed
Blacksmith: Smithing

Transmuter: Alteration
Cultist: Conjuration
Mageling: Destruction
Prestidigitator: Illusion
Curate: Restoration
Artificer: Enchanting

Tanner: Light Armor
Locksmith: Lockpicking
Urchin: Pickpocket
Hunter: Sneak
Trader: Speech
Apothecary: Alchemy

This mod adds a single power that runs a short script upon activation. Once you answer the question, the script provides the appropriate bonus and stops. A perk is applied based on your answer for the learn rate, and a spell to provide the first perk.

Elsa should be 100% compatible with any other mod. To ensure you receive the bonus, wait a few minutes after starting a new game to allow any other mods to make their adjustments.

If you use a perk overhaul, the perk will still add, however it will add the perk that is in the first vanilla "spot" provided the author utilized the existing perks.

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