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Complete overhaul of Loot using a two tiered Rarity and Abundance system. Makes more valuable items harder to find, but without completely randomizing loot to encourage more exploration.

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Loot Overhaul Rarity & Abundance

The goal of Lora is to make finding loot more rewarding, without completely devaluing exploration.

All loot is categorized based on material, value, power and potency using CURSECommonUncommonRareScarceExotic.
Common includes items made of iron, steel, hide and fur, as well as less valuable items such as empty petty soul gems, amethysts, iron ore, weak potions/poisons, novice level spell tomes. Rare items include ebony armor and glass weapons, diamonds, filled grand soul gems, gold and malachite ingots, and high level scrolls and staves... you get the idea. Everything is categorized as such.

Vendors typically stock Common and even a few Uncommon items. If you invest in them however, they may open up their private stock to you (occasional Rare and Scarce items). They also carry items relevant to their "specialty". If you need ore and ingots, talk to a blacksmith. Need some building material, see a general goods merchant. Ingredients and potions will typically only be available through apothecaries. And scrolls, tomes, staves will need to be purchased from the court wizard (or other magically inclined NPC).

Boss chests and some Quest Rewards will typically offer Rare or higher tiered items. You are also more likely to find some items in specific areas (or even only in specific areas). For example, that Dwarven Helm or far more likely to be tucked away in a Dwarven ruin.

Artifacts are deleveled - there is only one version... the highest level / most powerful one, and that is it. Your level is irrelevant.

Animal and Flora loot is more realistic. No more necklace wearing, coin purse carrying wolves. You may only be able to get one blue mountain flower, but maybe you get two or three from that one plant. Mammoths will provide much more meat for meals than a rabbit.

New to 2.0: Lora now has a Base file (main) which contains the below details only for vanilla. If using the SkyRem Guide, a Lora - SkyRemized version is available. The optional files will contain scripted patches to adjust leveled lists based on the mod patched. Simply install the Main file, then install all the patches for your load (which can then be merged into one patch file). Doing this will eliminate the need for smashing or bashing (unless of course you have mods not patched).


Rarity determines if you find something.
A rough breakdown of the chance of finding an item based on Rarity:
  • Common: 90%
  • Uncommon: 60%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Scarce: 10%
  • Exotic: 1%

These are independent of one another (in the same chest, you have a 90% chance of finding an iron weapon and a 10% chance of finding a precious gem for example. This is also independent of the abundance system.


Abundance determines (when you do find something) what it is made of or how powerful it is. Similar to Rarity, there is a breakdown with the CURSE method. When you do find something, the breakdown is roughly as follows:
  • Common: ~45-65%
  • Uncommon: ~20-45%
  • Rare: ~10-20%
  • Scarce: ~5-10%
  • Exotic: 1-5%

What's the difference? Example: You are spelunking in a remote dwemer ruin. After eliminating that dwarven centurion you spot a large chest. Inside you find:
- A weapon [90% chance] and a precious gem [10% chance]. This is the rarity component (the if you find something).
- That weapon has a ~65% chance of being iron or steel, ~20% chance of being elven/dwarven/orcish, ~10% chance of being glass/ebony... you get the idea.
- The gem normally has a high chance of being a simple amethyst or garnet, but could turn out to be a flawless sapphire or diamond.

The latter two points are due to abundance (iron and steel is more abundant than elven, ebony, etc.)

These two systems affect nearly every possible loot item in the game, from a Glass Warhammer to a potato... over 3,300 leveled lists and containers were meticulously adjusted to make loot more realistic.


Location plays a much more prevalent role when determining loot compared to Vanilla. Examples of this:
  • Vendors: Carry Common to Uncommon items. However after investing, they may show you some Rare or even Scarce supplies.
  • You are more likely to find items based on the vendors specialty: Soul Gems with Magic Users, ingredients with Apothecaries, etc.
  • Boss Chests: Will always provide at least a Rare item or better.
  • You are more likely to find Dwarven items in Dwarven ruins, Scrolls and Staves on Warlocks, etc.

Taking these factors in to account, assume the example above was a boss chest. The common/uncommon options are removed from the equation, providing a much higher chance of finding more valuable loot. Given that this is a dwemer ruin, that weapon has a higher chance of being dwarven.

Both Animal and Flora 'loot' is also overhauled.
  • Animals carry fur, body parts, and meat. They also may carry more than just a single item (bear's have more than 1 claw).
  • Animals do not carry: septims, jewelry, equipment, soul gems, scrolls, or anything else illogical.
  • Flora may provide more than a single ingredient item. A single snowberry plant may provide 2, 3, 4, or even 5 berries per harvest.


As mentioned above, Artifacts are no longer leveled. Artifacts that did rely on your character level to determine which 'level' artifact you get, will simply provide the strongest variation of that artifact.


To achieve all of the above, the following actions were taken:
  • Complete overhaul of Leveled Lists. The vast majority have been tweaked/completely redone for either Rarity, Abundance, or both.
  • Containers were tweaked to ensure vendors have proper stock, and specific item types are more likely to be found in appropriate locations.
  • Leveled Lists added for Flora and Animal Death Items to provide a random amount of harvest items.

As of 2.0, there should not be any issues with compatibility due to the way Lora was built and how the patches work.
However, feel free to let me know if you find something that is conflicting. Patch requests are welcome as well.

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