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Lore inspired improvements on the 13 standing stones, with a SkyRem twist. The strength of the abilities granted by the stones, and their corresponding trade-offs (or penalties if you wish), wax and wane as their constellation counterparts go in and out of season.

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Constellations - A Standing Stones Improvement

All 13 standing stones have been overhauled with the following goals in mind:
  • Make them more Lore focused than Vanilla
  • Eliminate all "once-a-day" power type abilities in favor of simple yet effective passive ones
  • Introduce a wax/wane mechanism to encourage utilizing more than just one stone.

Wax & Wane

The intention with this is simple: introduce an element that will encourage more thought and planning into players' selection of standing stones, without going against lore or requiring additional micro-managing of your character.
To do this, each of the 12 standing stones that represent a constellation (and therefore a particular month) will peak in its given month, wane over the next 5 months to its trough (in the 6th month), then wax to its full potential over the following 5 months. Thus creating a complete cycle.


All once-a-day, powers requiring activation, etc. have been either removed completely in favor of other lore-friendly abilities, or tweaked in a way to make it a passive ability. All abilities are tied to the lore (albeit sometimes somewhat loosely).

Each constellation essentially has two positive abilities, with a trade-off (or penalty). Originally the concept was to exclude penalties, however several are built in to the lore so explicitly this became impossible (Atronach for example). Therefore a trade-off is incorporated into each stone, which also wax and wane. As with the abilities, the stronger the constellation, the stronger the penalty.

The one exception is the 13th stone: The Serpent Stone. Not tied to a constellation and described as the most blessed and most cursed, the Serpent Stone remains constant throughout.

Lastly before moving on to the stones themselves: The Guardian Stones (Warrior, Mage, Thief) are intentionally less powerful as they are easy to find and generally one of the first places you come across.

The Stones

Below are the details for each stone, a little lore, and the abilities listed with the magnitude of each (max and min based on the months).

The Ritual Stone
"The Ritual is one of the Mage's Charges and its Season is Morning Star. Those born under this sign have a variety of abilities depending on the aspects of the moons and the Divines."
  • Spells cast from Scrolls and Staves are more powerful. (+200% / +20%)
  • Spells cast out of combat have a great magnitude and/or duration. (+50% / +5%)
  • Spells cast while in combat require additional Magicka. (+25% / +3%)

The Lover Stone
"The Lover is one of the Thief's Charges and her season is Sun's Dawn. Those born under the sign of the Lover are graceful and passionate."
  • Improved Stamina Regeneration. (+100% / +10%)
  • Resistant to Power Attacks. (-50% / -5%)
  • Unblocked regular attacks from hostiles deal more damage. (+25% / +3%)

The Lord Stone
"The Lord's Season is First Seed and he oversees all of Tamriel during the planting. Those born under the sign of the Lord are stronger and healthier than those born under other signs."

  • Power Attacks do more damage. (+50% / +5%)
  • More resistant to Disease and Poison. (+50% / +5%)
  • Power Attacks require more Stamina. (+25% / +3%)

The Mage Stone
"The Mage is a Guardian Constellation whose Season is Rain's Hand when magicka was first used by men. His Charges are the Apprentice, the Golem, and the Ritual. Those born under the Mage have more magicka and talent for all kinds of spellcasting, but are often arrogant and absent-minded."

  • More Magicka. (+100 / +10)
  • Stronger spell magnitude and spell duration (+10-20 / +1-2)
  • Magicka must be >50% total in order for spells to receive the magnitude/duration bonus.

The Shadow Stone
"The Shadow's Season is Second Seed. The Shadow grants those born under her sign the ability to hide in shadows."

  • Harder to detect when sneaking; chance to cause fear in hostiles when doing so. (+50% / +5%)
  • Improved sneak attack damage. (+50% / +5%)
  • Direct exposure to light dissipates the illusion of shadow, decreasing Armor Rating. (-100 / -10)

The Steed Stone
"The Steed is one of the Warrior's Charges, and her Season is Mid Year. Those born under the sign of the Steed are impatient and always hurrying from one place to another."

  • Increased Carry Weight. (+150 / +15)
  • Increased speed when sprinting. (+25% / +3%)
  • HMS regeneration all decreased. (-10% / -1%)

The Apprentice Stone
"The Apprentice's Season is Sun's Height. Those born under the sign of the apprentice have a special affinity for magic of all kinds, but are more vulnerable to magic as well."

  • Improved magicka regeneration. (+100% / +10%)
  • Spell costs are less, based on the level of the spell (Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master). (-50%/40%/30%/20%/10%  /  -5%/4%/3%/2%/1%)
  • Magic resistance is decreased. (-50% / -5%)

The Warrior Stone
"The Warrior is the first Guardian Constellation and he protects his charges during their Seasons. The Warrior's own season is Last Seed when his Strength is needed for the harvest. His Charges are the Lady, the Steed, and the Lord. Those born under the sign of the Warrior are skilled with weapons of all kinds, but prone to short tempers."

  • Increased Health. (+100 / +10)
  • Additional damage with all melee weapons. (+10-20 / +1-2)
  • Weapon damage bonus is only active when Health is >50% of total.

The Lady Stone
"The Lady is one of the Warrior's Charges and her Season is Hearthfire. Those born under the sign of the Lady are kind and tolerant."

  • Health regeneration is improved (including in combat). (+100%/50% / +10%/5%)
  • Improved armor rating. (+25% / +3%)
  • Deal less melee damage (-25% / -3%)

The Tower Stone
"The Tower is one of the Thief's Charges and its Season is Frostfall. Those born under the sign of the Tower have a knack for finding gold and can open locks of all kinds."

  • Lockpicking and pickpocketing are easier. (+50 / +5)
  • Detect movement of others while sneaking and not moving. (200 / 20)
  • When stamina is below 50% of the total, blocking is less effective. (-100% / -10%)

The Atronach Stone
"The Atronach (often called the Golem) is one of the Mage's Charges. Its season is Sun's Dusk. Those born under this sign are natural sorcerers with deep reserves of magicka, but they cannot generate magicka of their own."

  • Spells cost less magicka. (-25% / -3%)
  • Chance to absorb incoming hostile spells. (50% / 5%)
  • Magicka regenerates more slowly. (-50% / -5%)

The Thief Stone
"The Thief is the last Guardian Constellation, and her Season is the darkest month of Evening Star. Her Charges are the Lover, the Shadow, and the Tower. Those born under the sign of the Thief are not typically thieves, though they take risks more often and only rarely come to harm. They will run out of luck eventually, however, and rarely live as long as those born under other signs."

  • Increased stamina. (+100 / +10)
  • Evade melee damage. (10-20 / 1-2)
  • Evasion only works when stamina is above 50% total.

The Serpent Stone
"The Serpent wanders about in the sky and has no Season, though its motions are predictable to a degree. No characteristics are common to all who are born under the sign of the Serpent. Those born under this sign are the most blessed and the most cursed."

  • Absorb Magicka from nearby hostiles and creatures. (4 / s)
  • Absorb Stamina from nearby hostiles and creatures. (4 / 2)
  • Magicka and Stamina regenerate much slower. (90%)

The obvious incompatibility: other mods that overhaul the Standing Stones.

Otherwise, report any compatibilities.

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