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Carved Brink is a large quest modification, from the authors of “Project AHO”. This mod adds to Skyrim: a daedric plan of Peryite - The Pits, and an unknown part of Oblivion - Faceted Stones.

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Carved Brink is a large quest modification, from the authors of Project AHO. This mod adds to Skyrim: a daedric plan of Peryite - The Pits, and an unknown part of Oblivion - Faceted Stones. One of the many Daedric pocket planes hidden throughout Oblivion. Many years ago, it was inhabited by Snow Elves, but now this place belongs to another race - Goblin. Embark on an adventure for treasure, make unusual acquaintances, and be tested with the trial of the Daedra

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DLC size Quests: Project AHO | Carved Brink
Houses: Tel Mos | White River House | Staff of Shalidor | AHO - Dwemer Ship | Hermit's Stump | Wizard's Well
Companions: Snippy | Ja'wa

  • New locations - explore Peryite’s “The Pits”, and two cities inhabited by goblins. There are more than 40 small and large locations;
  • Vertical gameplay, new enemies, weapons and armor;
  • New quests - two main quest lines: daedric trial and funny adventure, and some side quests that will acquaint you with the life of the goblins;
  • New characters - more than 50 fully voiced NPCs with unique characteristics and problems;
  • New music - 14 beautiful compositions made exclusively for us by professional German composer - ForhirMusic (you heard his music in Project AHO).
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Just reach level 10 and visit Abandoned Grotto (near Hillgrund’s Tomb and Lost Knife Hideout, check map for marker). Mod requires all DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn)

Patch for SOS in optional files

As easy as pie! Our modification does not require any mods and it’s completely autonomous! No SKSE, FNIS or other utilities! Just plug and play!

If you play with ENB we recommend to cnange in "enbseries.ini" these lines:
Better for visual!

Our music created by Forhir Music You can find OST here.

Especially for you, we have released a digital artbook around our modification. Beautifully captured screenshots, renders and behind-the-scenes concept art on the basis of our locations. Explore our world!

A complete list of people who have participated in working on the project, and used modder resources, can be found here. If we left someone out and forgot to mention, excuse us and just send us a message!

Q. Will this be released for SSE or Xbox One?
A. The project is available on:
- Skyrim Legendary Edition [PC];
- Skyrim Special Edition [PC];
- Skyrim Special Edition [XB1].

Q. Do I need any plugins or utilities?
A. Nope. No SKSE or FNIS or other mods.

Q. Does the modification affect any existing city or other parts of Skyrim?
A. The modification hardly affects the landscape of Skyrim. Intervention in the game is minimal.

Q. Does the mod add artifacts from old games of TES?
A. No, that does not quite fit our concept, so there are no artifacts of the past, in fashion.

Q. I'm used to finding objectives on my own. Can I turn off the markers?
Of course! The entire mod is designed in such a way that you, yourself, are seeking out the objectives. All clues are in your journal, are spoken by the characters, or in items (such as books/notes) you are handed.

Q. Can I play with companions?
Yes! Perhaps.

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Haem Projects (Dimonoider & gkalian)

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