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These are Lux patches for various mods that don't seem to have an official patch. I'm sharing them in case someone doesn't want to make their own patch.

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These are the patches for Lux I made for mods in my load order when I couldn't find an official patch. The patches are "quick and dirty" and will not be the same quality of an official patch, but they are still much better than nothing (IMO). So, I'm sharing them in case someone doesn't want to make their own patch.

The patches are intended to have a light footprint, so they don't replicate records from Lux (ITMs), which some patches do. They also don't alter cells that are already taken care of by Lux. This is so that they don't overwrite intended changes. For example, a patch with superfluous Lux ITMs will overwrite some of your intended changes, like mechanicalpanda's templates. These patches shouldn't.

Patches were made with Lux 3.9 as a master, so it should work with versions 3.9 and above. I did not add Lux resources (e.g., custom Lux lamps) in order to maximize compatibility.

Suggested load order is Specific Mod > Mod Patches > The Lux Patch.
Example: Teldryn Sero > Teldryn Sero Patches > Teldryn Sero Lux Patch

All patches are flagged as ESL so they won't take up a slot in your load order.

Patches already uploaded:

Mods by venjhammet
- New Vominheim (v2.19, will not work with previous versions)
- Hammet's Dungeon Packs for SE (v2.16, will not work with previous versions)
- Hammet's Folly - AE (v1.02, might work with previous versions. I suggest you also use Ayleid Ruins ENB Light; it works great with Lux's darker interiors.)

Other Mods
- Konahrik Accoutrements (v5.5.3, might not work previous versions)
- The Wheels of Lull - Unwound Edition (v5.1.5a, should work with 5.1.0 and above, including the latest 5.1.8)
- Cow's Simple Solitude Docks (v1.0) Courtesy of urbon
- Qaxe's Questorium (v15.2, might not work with previous versions) For the couple of people who still have this mod. :)