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Formlist Manipulator INI to help with Shadow of Skyrim's Defeat/Respawn system with new worldspaces and locations.

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Shadow of Skyrim is pretty cool. However, there are a number of locations where dying and/or respawning can break quests, or throw you into weird places - especially if you're using quest mods.

Formlist Manipulator allows people to inject forms into Formlists, which avoids the need for plugin patches. Which is awesome.

So, I made myself an ini for Shadow of Skyrim using Formlist Manipulator to add a ton of invalid defeat/respawn locations. This is so you won't die and respawn in Project AHO, or the LotD museum, or anything like that.

If you don't have the mods listed below, that's totally fine! Any locations that don't exist in your game will simply be ignored.

Mods that are covered by this ini include:

Vanilla Skyrim
Creation Club content
Pit Fighter
Carved Brink
Project AHO
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Forgotten City (requires the optional plugin* in the Files section)
Tournament of the Ten Bloods
Wheels of Lull

* The Forgotten City requires the additional plugin because Forgotten City itself has no Location records, which is how Shadow of Skyrim identifies areas that are valid or invalid for respawn and defeat.

Hope this helps. Thanks and have fun.