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Duo creating mods for Skyrim (LE/SE). Visit our site for more information. 


Released Projects:

  • Wizard's Well — A small house in mixed Dwemer and Redoran style;
  • Carved Brink — Large quest;
  • Hermit's Stump — A small house in Morrowind style;
  • AHO Ship — Part of Project AHO, a large mobile player house, in Dwemer style;
  • Project AHO — A large quest modification, in size, comparable to a medium sized DLC;
  • Jawa  Follower —  A follower inspired by jawas from Star Wars;
  • Staff of Shalidor — A small house actually in a staff;
  • Snippy — Part of Project AHO, dwemer Droid Follower;
  • Tel Mos — A small house in mixed Dwemer and Telvanni style;
  • White River — A small house in Morrowind style.


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