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Unofficial Carved Brink Patch made to fix many xEdit errors, broken meshes that can cause CTDs and fixes the boss music.

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I love both Project AHO and Carved Brink. However, Carved Brink had several bugs that needed to be fixed and so I decided to fix them with the permission of HaemProjects. The bugs inlcude fixing faulty meshes detected by Nif Scan, errors in xEdit and the final boss music to keep playing until the battle is actually over. No longer with this patch will play regular combat music during the battle. An optional harder bosses ESL is there for those who feel the bosses may be too easy.

1.2: Set the Khajit be be "Protected" as they are needed in order for the quest to start so that way any nearby enemies that spawn nearby such as animals or dragons won't kill them and you need to defeat them in order to start the mod. Also, read more in the change log for the rest of what is in the newest update.

1.3: Accidently added in some music tests that should not be in the patch, they are now removed.