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There's not really much to tell about me. You probably have much better things to be doing than reading my sorry "About Me" page, but if you insist... :)

I'm an avid gamer and, more recently, an exuberant modder. Like all modders in their quest to create the perfectly modded game, I've spent countless hours tweaking my load order and pouring over forum pages to try and learn as much as I could about modding. I thoroughly enjoy browsing the nexus daily to check out the best new mods, and supporting this awesome community and their amazing content in any way that I can. My dream is to someday develop my own games, and perhaps even go so far as to start up my own indie dev team (I'm not getting my hopes up though). I just think there's a depressing lack of truly passionate developers on the market now a days, which I've never understood, as I honestly believe that pouring your heart and soul into something you created for the enjoyment of others is the best feeling in the world :)

If you've managed to stick through it this far, thanks for your time! I hope one of my mods helps you forward in that same quest for the perfectly modded game, and I wish you the best of luck with the rest. Cheers!


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If you'd like to support me in some way or perhaps just follow me for updates on future projects, please feel free to check me out at one of the following links. I know I don't have too much under my belt as of yet, but I do have several large projects in the works and any and all support is monstrously appreciated in helping me work towards those goals. Thanks again for stopping by! :)


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