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Inspired by Fogrim, Supreme and Volumetric Fog, and Always Foggy Weathers comes my zEdit patcher. I absolutely despise Skyrim's LODs and its pop-in, so I made this.

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Brand new update! Check it out!

Brand new subtle fog preset:


Mods used:
-The Fog Machine

-Cathedral Weathers

-Dynavision (Static DoF, 1.3 intensity)

-Silent Horizons

My computer is a piece of shit that can't handle ultra LODs or an ENB at the same time, so I made this to hide everything in the background. I also can't be arsed to run DynDOLOD for the 42069th time, so there's that. The only requirements are zEdit and Dynavision. Dynavision's otherwise ugly DOF (it uses vanilla DOF iirc) actually goes great with a fog mod since now everything is perfectly obscured. With just Dynavision, the background wouldn't really be obscured properly and you'd notice the terrible tree LODs in the background.

This mod would probably go great with other mods that add fog/mist like Volumetric Mists or Cresty's Mists, but I haven't tested those yet. Since it's mostly just a proof of concept as I blindly edited every weather to have these fog settings, your mileage may vary in some conditions. If you find a specific weather that doesn't look good, please tell me in the bugs section. Make sure that you have ENB Helper installed so that you can see the weather ID.

-Every weather mod. Since it's zEdit patcher, it's compatible with everything (not counting stylistic conflicts)