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"Dragon Stalking Fix"... fixed. Prevents the leveled dragons spawn points -- like the ones at dragon walls and mounds -- from being permanently deleted after having killed the first beast.

Permissions and credits
Improved and -- yes, you guessed it right :) -- fixed version of Dragon Stalking Fix
Replaces the delete function used in the original mod -- which throws the baby out with the bathwater (i.e., deletes the dragon corpse and the leveled actor reference) -- with the setcriticalstage one.
Compatible with USSEP because it includes its fixes.

This is not 'install-this-because-there's-a-dragon-stalking-issue-that-needs-to-be-fixed' [maybe there's one, maybe not, let any one of you who really knows be the first to throw a stone... or something like that], it's for those who already have "Dragon Stalking Fix" and wish to keep it without the error in the original mod.
As it's meant to fix a bug in the mod, not an unconfirmed one in the game, comments like 'Never had the stalking in 25 years...' or 'The issue has been fixed 50 years ago...' would be pointless, useless, and a waste of storage space in the Nexus servers.

It's a replacement, uninstall the old one.
The original mod has an empty dummy plugin used to load the bsa with the script.
This has only the loose script, so the plugin is no longer needed and -- being an empty one -- can be safely removed anytime without issues.