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Makes Dragons and/or Dragon Priests protected. Multiple Patches Included

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You are the Dovahkiin (or not, depending on what mods you use, but I don't have a lore-friendly explanation for that because not being the DB is not lore-friendly :p) and as such, you are the chief expert on dragon-slaying. So why is it, that in a fight between baby Lars Battle-Born and a fearsome Blood Dragon, Lars will always come out on top? (It might take a while but he will always win) This mod aims to change that. Now only you, Dragonborn, can finish off the mythical dragon. Also has a separate mod for Dragon Priests if you just want one or the other (They work together just well).

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Dragon Priests Affected:

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- This mod forwards USSEP's change of setting dragon's LOD distance to 0 to prevent visual inconsistencies and removing the respawn flag from a dragon priest. You don't need USSEP for this mod but I thought it'd be important to note.

Not compatible with anything that would otherwise removed the Protected flag from Dragons/Dragon Priests
Patches for KS Dragon Overhaul 2, Diverse Dragon Collections SEBellyache's New Dragon Species, Chaos Dragons, Deadly Dragons, HOTD and GOT dragons - Standalone, and Zim's Dragon Improvements (Full and Full - Breathless)
Patch for: High Poly Expressive NPCS
Please post comments linking to mods that you would like patches for and I will be happy to make patches for them

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Please include the FormID of the Creature.