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SKSE Plugin to use DLSS/FSR2/XeSS in Skyrim, also supports DLAA.

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SKSE Plugin to use DLSS/FSR2/XeSS in Skyrim, also supports DLAA.


Address Library for SKSE Plugins
Upscaler Base Plugin


  • Install all the dependencies using vortex or MO2, for Upscaler Base Plugin you just simply install it to data folder, I mean drag the whole UpscalerBasePlugin folder into Data, or install in MO2, the Data stucture should be like Data\UpscalerBasePlugin.
  • Extra step for UpscalerBasePlugin, cuz I can't include dlls from Nvidia/AMD/Intel, you need to check its description and download the dll for the upscaler you want to use.
  • Turn off TAA and DOF, anything that will blur the input for upscalers must be turned off.
  • If you use ENB with DLAA, also turn off Edge AA and DOF in ENB. I forgot DLAA involves no upscaling, so if you use DLAA you can keep DOF on.
  • Press END in the game to open the menu for upscalers.
  • (Optional) Install Reshade for DOF and other effects, since it applies its effects after the upscaling.


  • DLSS/FSR2/XeSS don't work with ENB, but you can still use DLAA with ENB since there's no upscaling.
  • A workaround version with ENB compatiblity is in development, and Boris also said he would do compatiblity from his side, when he does this version will be compatible with ENB.
  • NOTE That they are two different things, ENB got issue with DRS, that's why it doesn't work with this mod, I made a workaround on my own using a completely different method that's hacky but works. When Boris decides to made compatibility for DRS, this mod will just work without needing any change.
  • Non-RTX card doesn't support DLSS/DLAA, but you can use FSR2 and XeSS with it.
  • But since both FSR2 and XeSS has no official DX11 implementation released, I was forced to make a DX11/DX12 hybrid solution, so your card must at least support DX12 to use FSR2 and XeSS
  • Added FSR2 Native DX11 Implementation! This should boost performance and fix many compatibility when using FSR2.Check the UpscalerBasePlugin page!
  • VR version is officially released! Check Skyrim Upscaler VR - DLSS FSR2 XeSS
  • Performance gain depends on how much you are GPU limited, if you don't see any gains it's very normal, you are most likely CPU limited.
  • Even if you can't get more FPS in a CPU limited case, you are however getting the superior AA from the DLSS pipeline, it's much better than TAA, or you can just use DLAA (with performance cost).


Compatible with both SE 1.5.97 and AE 1.6.640 , and maybe 1.6.353, someone got it working at least.

Probably won't work with DXVK.

Other mods not tested but probably work with most mods.


Doodlez for helping me get familiar with SKSE modding, and for the DRS and jitter hooks, also as a new learner for SKSE plugin I used doodle's DRS project as template, saved me a lot of troubles, many thanks!
Ersh for helping with porting hooks to SE/AE, and for getting the UI fixed for ENB Workaround version, also helped a lot with testing, sincerely thanks!
alandtse for helping with VR hooks, I was originally modding this for VR specifically, so getting it to work in VR kinda fulfilled my purpose, thank you.

And alexsylex for being helpful when I first try to solve the UI issues, appreciated!
Thanks michaelfoushee for the thumbnail!

And credits to fholger for the RCAS example in vrperfkit