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Honeyside, house for a thane of Rift, as a tiny shack

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Requires Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

  • One-story house (attic and cellar as containers)
  • Place for ONE kid (very spoiled one too)
  • And a pet
  • Furniture's connected to vanilla upgrades (enchanting table upgrade is obviously a shakedown)
  • Idles for player: hoeing and sweeping (automatically stops after awhile and gives you a buff, or you can just jump and interrupt the animation), and reading (chair in the bedroom)
  • Oven functions as both crafting oven and cooking pot (make soups there, why not)
  • Window light depends on time of the day
  • Curtains are activable (you can disable/enable them)
  • Candles are activable (including lanterns on the porch and in the garden)
  • And so are banners
  • Garden has a wall and a gate (and a friend)
  • Alchemy table and laundry area on the porch
  • Three barrels, near the entrance to the house, in the garden, and on the porch are safe now
  • Thief Cache is moved to the corner outside the garden wall
  • New game is necessary

Apparently, hodilton (thank you!) made a video of my house! It shows most things and it's cute, check it out.


Anything actually editing the cell (adding objects) would be incompatible.
Mods like ELE and Better Player Home Music (editing cell's stats) should be compatible.

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