Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This is an effort at remembering and revisiting the often overlooked objects in the world of Skyrim. This project retextures and provides some new meshes for quest rewards, clutter, and other smaller items to work alongside large landscape and city texture overhaul mods so that your Skyrim can look its best.

Permissions and credits

While wandering the vast world of Skyrim,
did you ever come across an item that was
so poorly textured that it literally was
responsible for removing all immersion?
A Quest item you fought 30 bandits
or 50 Draugr to get to? Or perhaps,
a common object that constantly throws
its unimpressive textures at you?

This project is an effort at remembering these
forgotten items and bringing them
into a new, appreciated light.

For those of you who DONATE, 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even $1.00
goes a long way as proceeds from your donations go to building
Skyrim-style cabins in the real world which allows people to heal 
from anxiety, depression, loss of a loved one, physical conditions,
and more through The Cabin Cure Project. I started this project
as I have personally experienced several kinds of healing
by simply unplugging and allowing myself to fully immerse
into the best nature has to offer. Thanks again!

-Draw Knife
-Silver Mold
-Embalming Scalpel
-Embalming Scissors
-Embalming Hook
-Embalming Instrument
-Burned Book
-Clothes Iron
-Wooden Sword
-Torture Tools (Exoclyps)
-Initiate's Ewer
-Essence Extractor
-Ancient Nordic Pickaxe (Billyro)
-Soulgem Stand (Billyro)
-Helgi's Coffin (Jimtownirish)
-Sweet Roll (Jimtownirish)
-Torch (Jimtownirish)
-Hot Iron
-Keys (Tsukinomi)
-Woodcutter's Axe (HalkHogan)
-Tongs (HalkHogan)
-Baskets (HalkHogan)
-Hoe (Renthal311)
-Hook (Renthal311)
-Spigot (RonnieMagnum)
-Crown of Barenziah (Saerileth)
-Stones of Barenziah (Saerileth)
-Aetherial Crown (Saerileth)
-White Phial (Saerileth)
-Ruined Book (themaster19)
-Hammer (HalkHogan)
-Shovel (Renthal311)
-Pickaxe (Billyro)
-Septim (Renthal311)
-Eidar Cheese (HalkHogan)
-Cooked Salmon Steak (HalkHogan)
-Pie (HalkHogan)
-Rabbit Meat (HalkHogan)
-Salmon Meat (HalkHogan)
-Charred Skeever Meat (HalkHogan)
-Boiled Creme Treat (HalkHogan)
-Cooked Beef/Beef (HalkHogan)
-Cast Iron Pot Small/Medium (HalkHogan)
-Troll Skull (HalkHogan)
-Leather Strips (HalkHogan)
-Anvil (HalkHogan)
-Deathbell (FadingSignal)
-Septim (Crypton)
-Ants (Rallyeator)
-Scathecraw (Rallyeator)

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are very
welcome and might inspire me.

Thanks for everything!