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Coins - USSEP patch, and a fix for $Menu

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Why is it needed?

Because Coins of Tamriel edits several scripts adding 'septims' instead of 'gold', and that conflicts with USSEP's changes to the same scripts. As a result you may not be able to buy some house upgrades (try Honeyside). This is to keep USSEP's changes and Coins' phrases together (prices in septims, upgrades working).

Place it in load order after Coins of Tamriel esp.

It was made for Coins of Tamriel V2 Script free, but should probably work with other versions as well.
Emphasis on 'probably'. If somebody wants to check\confirm\include this in a bigger patch, whatever, let me know. This is provided as is.

Upd: Coins of Tamriel also edits Translate_ENGLISH.txt, replacing "gold" with "septims" in several lines. This file is slightly different for SSE (mostly because of Creation Club). I added an optional replacement for it, updated for SSE.

This gets rid of $ in several places in menus.

If you play in a different language, you would need to update the appropriate translation file yourself.

Coins of Tamriel