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Mihail Romanov and Xtudo and PanPi and boringvlln

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Mihail's House Cats with Xtudo's Colors and Sound Patch now as unique named followers! Fluffy cowards.

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28 Cats. They can follow you. One at the time (unless you use a multiple followers mod). That's pretty much it.

They have names, inventory (their carry weight is tiny, don't expect much), default sandbox behavior (walking up and down the street). They come in different pretty colors, and they can meow.

They won't fight your battles, they'll run away and hide (quite efficiently, I must say). They are marked as essential, so if you are a throwing fireballs everywhere kind of person, don't fret.

Oh, and they won't affect the stealth meter, so be sneaky yourself all you like. Also they can do crimes on demand, ehehe.
Only nonviolent ones though, since they are incapable of murder, or any violence really. Except psychological. Yes, you will get bounty for inciting them to creepily stare at people, why are you asking.


Cats are added to several cities, including the ones in separate world spaces (such as Solitude), so Open Cities would likely need a patch. If any mod suddenly drops a building in the middle of the road, that could also be problematic. I've seen plenty of city mods, but I'm yet to see anything like this, so it should really be fine.

Cats are using vanilla pet follower framework, so follower mods shouldn't have problems. Yet they do. AFT and MHIYH, and Nether's Follower Framework (and I suspect, almost any other follower management mod) do not work with the cats very well, unfortunately. I might try and investigate this further at some point, for now use force dismissal, if you use AFT. Followers Can Relax works though, in my testing anyway.
If you know your way around follower mods and managed to fix this, let me know, magic genius.

Not gonna be compatible with the mods listed in the credits, cause they are doing essentially the same thing (but mayhaps download and endorse them both for their work no matter what).

How to:

Find a cat. Where? Angi's Camp / BattleBorn Farm / Dawnstar / Dragon Bridge / Falkreath / Karthwasten / Kynesgrove / LeftHand Mine / Markarth / Nightgate Inn / Riften / Riverwood / Rorikstead / Shor's Stone / Solitude / Whiterun / Windhelm / Winterhold. Start a conversation. If you click and click on the cat, but nothing happens, you already have one pet companion following you at the moment.

You can use this mod in conjunction with:
Share Your Meal – to feed the cats!
Followers can Relax - to find them a new home!

Your screenshots are welcome, as always. This mod is Nexus only and not for sale, do not reupload it anywhere. Let me know if you want to do something to it. Patches depending on the main plugin, translations are fine, just inform me at some point so I could add a link here.

House Cats- Mihail Monsters and Animals (SSE)(mihail immersive add-ons - pets- witcher)
Mihail's House Cats - Colors and Sound Patch