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High resolution RUSTIC CLOTHING texture overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition. Now with BC7 compression. Available in several resolution options.

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RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition  is a high resolution clothing texture overhaul for Skyrim Special Edition. Every piece of clothing in the game is included. That's the base Skyrim game clothing plus all three DLCs. The underwear (which is actually found with the body textures) is also included with this retexture mod. This is the culmination of many many hours of labor. I hope people enjoy the end result of my efforts.

UPDATE 3.0: The mod has now been overhauled for SSE. BC7 compression was used for all normal maps and all dual-layered diffuse textures. Single layer diffuse textures remain DXT1. I was never able to make the clothing textures with fur the way I wanted to originally, due to the DXT5 compression artifacts on the normal maps. I couldn't get a feeling of softness without creating ugly artifacts, so I compromised and made them rougher in appearance. Using the newer BC7 compression allowed me to remake all the fur parts of my normal maps and get the look that I originally wanted.

All clothing normal maps were regenerated from scratch, so they are now as artifact free as possible. Now, when you go down in resolution (from 4K to 2K to 1K), you will see the detail diminish, but the detail that remains won't be obscured by artifacts. I suppose I could call this the "definitive edition" of RUSTIC CLOTHING, because this is now the best version available.

RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition
 comprises every clothing related texture found in the main "clothing" folder.  I decided to be a completist, and redo even wearable items weren't technically clothing. That's why I retextured the bandit/fur armor, even though it really belongs in the armor textures... but that's Bethesda organization for you. I also retextured the "minor" items of the bandages and the wounds (which are found on the dead body of Susanna the Wicked in the Windhelm graveyard), even if they aren't truly clothing. With the latest update, the Masque of Clavicus Vile, the Execution Hood, and Ulfric's Gag have been added. At last, I can say that RUSTIC CLOTHING Special Edition is complete.

An overhaul of this size takes quite a bit of hard drive and VRAM space, so I endeavored to make the 2K and 2K-1K options more performance friendly. Since the hands and feet are the smallest body parts, I figured that I could reduce the normal maps for the footwear and gloves without negatively affecting the appearance of the 2K option.

ATTENTION: This mod only contains textures, NO MESHES and NO ESP.

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Though these are "rustic" in nature, the emphasis was placed on enhancing the texture of the fabric, leather, and metal, but the dirt and grunge were actually reduced from the vanilla textures. Stains are fine in my view, as are holes and other wear, but Bethesda's clothing tends to go beyond stained to "never been washed." I don't believe that the Nords never cleaned their clothes, so I made the stains look more natural... what is left behind after washing, rather than opaque splotches all over the fabric.

I make my textures an appropriate size so there's a consistent level of detail across the entire outfit. It's not a simple matter of 4K, 2K, 1K, etc... the complexity of the texture has to be considered. If a texture has many parts to it (like the dress) it might warrant a larger texture. Something like the boot, that's made up of only a few parts, doesn't need as high a resolution to look detailed.

As always, choose the download option that suits your particular setup. For those who can handle it, a 4K diffuse texture is available for the main outfit, with a 2K boot and 1K headpieces. Normal maps are reduced in size to save VRAM with the "4K-2K" version. There is also a 2K version, which matches the standard sizes of the high resolution packs. While the 2K-1K version has reduced sized normal maps to further save on VRAM usage.


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