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A complete grass overhaul of all Skyrim biomes.

Permissions and credits
"If this grass was a woman, I'd marry it. Thank you for the mod!" ~ Baalsamhain

"You beautiful soul. I can finally drop my plethora of grass mods I was using while trying to match your landscapes. You champ, you!" ~ Kiddgimmick

"Been using this grass mod for almost a month now, I don't think it gets any better than this. by far best grass mod I have ever used, and goes soo well with Mari's Flora" ~ XenoShard

"Just wanted to say with your Tamrielic Grass mod. You have nailed something perfect. Endorsements are one thing, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you that your mod is incredible. It makes Tamriel come alive, and just one step closer to being a perfect realistic environment." ~ Dark1Nova

Tamrielic Grass is a new grass mod providing lush grass coverage for all regions in Skyrim, above and under water.  It's a combination of pre-existing grass resources that have been refined and a selection of new grasses. Textures are in 2K with a half-size normal map for grasses that benefit one. Thin grasses use a custom, shared high frequency normal map.

Besides the usual grass found on the ground Tamrielic Grass also provides several new underwater plants like kelp and corals that fill the lakes, rivers, and oceans in Skyrim (but stays fully compatible with mods like Depths of Skyrim, a highly recommended mod btw).

All added grass types, meshes, and textures are fully standalone. There are no terrain edits and the only overriding records are landscape textures and so this grass mod is at maximum combability with other mods. Feel free to pack the meshes and textures into BSA files if you prefer (they were left unpacked because of the different grass color options in the installer)

  • Complete grass overhaul of all Skyrim biomes (tundra, rift, reach, pine forest, frozen marsh, volcanic tundra, snow, coast, lakes, ocean ...).
  • No terrain edits, therefore fully compatible with any mods that change terrain, trees, etc.
  • Includes full coverage of underwater plants (new kelp types, etc.) for lakes, rivers, and ocean.
  • Options for green/ripe/dry tundra grass and green/autumn rift grass.
  • ESLyfied ESP option included.
  • Created from existing grass assets as well as new ones. All textures have been refined for maximum visual fidelity.
  • Efficient and clean mod construction: No unused records or redundancy.


Check out Tamrielic Textures SE 1 - Landscapes, the perfect landscape match for using together with Tamrielic Grass!


  • Soltsheim Grass
  • Plants

Q & A

Q: Is this mod compatible with X/Y/Z mod?
A: It is compatible with any mod that doesn't make changes to landscape texture records. Check for record conflicts with xEdit and If there's any conflict make sure to load TamrielicGrass.esp after any conflicting plugins. In any case, these would only be soft incompabilities.

Q: This grass mod kills my PC!
A: Increase iMinGrassSize in TamrielicGrass.ini to something around 60 or 70 and see if it helps. This will thin out the grass distribution (of course it will not look quite as good as a result). If it doesn't help, invest into a better graphics card (or you could try to make the textures smaller with Cathedral Asset Optimizer).

Q: The pineforest grass looks very similar to the grass from Northern Grass.
A: This is by design. The composition of Northern Grass pineforest grass is perfect in my opinion and so this mod tries to mimic it as much as possible.

Q: Can you change the grass type/change the grass color/adjust this or that/add option X/change feature Y?
A: No.

Q: I don't like this grass mod!
A: It's alright. I didn't create this grass to compete with other ones but to satisfy my own vision for a grass mod. You have plenty of choice in terms of Skyrim grass mods you can pick.

Q: What ENB and other mods are you using on your screenshots?
A: Rudy ENB for/with Vivid Weather.

Q: What water mods did you use on your screenshots?
A: Realistic Water Two with colors from Skyland_Watercolor_RWT_Blue.esp. I've set ENB Water muddiness to 0.

Q: I want to combine your grass mod with another grass mod so that some grasses are from either mod or it will mix both grasses. How can I do this?
A: Here's a simple guide for that:

Q: What other plant/tree mods are you using in your screenshots?
A: Enhanced Vanilla Trees, Enhanced Landscapes, Enhanced Landscapes Oaks Mixed Greens, Green and Lush Aspen Trees SE, Reach Tree Replacer SSE, Immersive Fallen Trees SSE, and TREES ADDON SE (in that exact order). Also, Whiterun Forest Borealis 3.0 is used for extra trees in the tundra region.

Q: Can you remove/reduce the water plants?
A: I can't create special versions for anyone with extra wishes, sorry. If I'd do I'd end up having to create ~5000 different versions for everyone who has a different idea. You can always do edits yourself! In this case, you can load the plugin into xEdit and modify the grass records for tg_ocean_kelp01tg_ocean_kelp02, and tg_lake_seaweed01. Reduce the Density and Height Range values for these, save and check in-game what works for you.

Recommended Mods

No Grass in Objects
 (recommended to use with grass precaching as instructed in the mod's description page)
EEKs Renthal Flora Collection
Tamrielic Textures SE 1 - Landscapes
Enhanced Landscapes

Additional Credits

This mod wouldn't be as good as it is without the original texture work of these authors! While I made refinements and composition, they provided many of the textures used in this mod. Go download their mods and give them an endorsement!

vurt - grass artwork
joshezzell - grass artwork
BrosisJK - Pineforest grass inspiration