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And real trees become textures one more time again! High quality replacers for Aspen bark with lore-friendly and not so variants. 2K/4K/8K versions. With optional parallax support.

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More than words: impressive video showcase by N7E:

Logical continuation of my bark overhaul work. Lets quick overlook on variants:
  • Aspen. A genuine Aspen.
  • Birch. Young birch. Looks lore-friendly as well.
  • Old Birch. Mossy and cracked. A lot of black therefore it looks different than vanilla-likes. But has impressive details.
  • Young Maple. Adult Maple bark doesn't looks fancy but young ones sometimes has an eye catching roundish pattern. Now we have exactly this one.
  • Linden a.k.a. Tilia. Not lore-friendly dark bark. For those who tired of white trees and would try something new.

You can see some of my photosources in image section. Screenshots displays 4K version and made with Silent Horizons ENB alongside vanilla lighting.


Compatible with any other mod that uses vanilla Aspen bark textures. Maybe this is obviously, but it's compatible with very popular Realistic Aspen Trees mod.


  • Q: There is a widespread tree named XXX and I would see it in game. Will new variants arrive?    
        A: I don't have plans by now. But if I will see impressive tree I will upload new addition.

  • Q: What about branches? I'm afraid dark variants won't looking nice with vanilla-style branches.
     A: I tested all variants many-many times and I can say that vanilla-like branches looks OK. Not ideal maybe with             Linden but OK.

  • Q: Oldrim compatibility?
     A: No. BC7 is used.


Simply copy files to your data folder. Overwrite if needed.


Just delete files from their respective folders or overwrite it by another textures.

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