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Better Vanilla Trees? Sign me up! All-In-One tree overhaul package.

Permissions and credits
All the work on this conversion was done by Scythe42 and not the original author of Enhanced Vanilla Trees.

Somerandomguy83 published this page as he is the only one who can do that legally at the moment. Scythe42 will be the maintainer for SSE in SRG's name for the time being, while SRG is the legal publisher and responsible for all permissions.

So please do not contact Somerandomguy83 or post on the original mod page in regards to this conversion as he cannot offer you any advise.

Video from Oldrim. If you are willing to make a nice updated showcase video for SSE let us know!

EVT together with some other mods if your are a more experienced mod user.

Enhanced Vanilla Trees aims to be a one stop tree enhancement mod with the following features:

  • Enhanced Vanilla Trees
  • Enhanced Vanilla Trees that are more lush (double the amount of leaves)
  • Enhanced Vanilla Trees that are more lush and 50% larger
  • Custom Lush Trees that have leaves and small branches removed from their trunk to be more visual pleasing
  • Custom Lush Trees that have leaves and small branches removed from their trunks and are 50% larger
  • Support for Realistic Aspen Trees built in
  • Support for Vurt's Lush Snowy Pines from SFO
  • Support for other Pines Texture created by Vurt SFO
  • An option for more Green Trunks and Clutter (only for Custom Trees)
  • Different Trunk brightness for players using ENB/Reshade or weather mods that increase brightness
  • Pre-Generated LODs, including a darker LOD option for most options
  • Billboards for all trees and variations so advanced users can create their own easily
  • Support for 3D Tree LODs for DynDOLOD users for all supplied options
  • Parallax textures are currently NOT supported by SSE as ENB for SSE lacks this feature.

Note: An updated FOMOD installer with some tweaks for SSE is in the works. See sticky post for more details. 
More SSE screenshots will be added soon, some real life stuff came up before I finished the page.

Through splitting the mesh and UV-remapping the textures are forced to be applied more times and therefore the stretching of a texture is kept at a minimum. This approach does not result in increased VRAM usage. But that does not mean EVT uses low resolution textures. For example the Custom Lush and Large trees use 4K instead of 2K. The UV tweaking is just one of the features included.

Beside having double and sometimes triple the resolution on all applied trunk textures, these higher polygon meshes allow EVT to have more complex and detailed trunk shapes.

On top of this EVT offers tree version with more foliage, larger tree sized and custom textures for both foliage and trunk. It is an All-In-One complete tree enhancement package.

Here is an illustration of the principle applied to the trees:

As a side effect trees will have reduced animations. While the leaves on the trees are still animated, branch flexing is not possible at this time. This is true to all tree mods that provide custom meshes and even for tree mods that add more foliage suffer from this issue. If this is an issue for you do not use any mod that replaces tree meshes and stick to texture only mods for trees. We might investigate in the future how to work around this limitation.

Note that the Aspen trees provided with this mod are included for convenience reasons only (matching tree size and LODs) and therefore will have full animations.

Here is a demonstration video of the animations that can be expected:

  • Install with your mod manager of your choice. The FOMOD installer will guide you through the various options.

  • If you want to generate your own tree LODs also install 'Enhanced Vanilla Tree - Billboards' and select the same option as you did for the main mod.

  • Installation and removal during ongoing games is safe. You can try out different combinations as you like.

  • If you want to install this mod manually good luck. We will provide no support for those who try and run into problems.

  • When installing make sure that no other mods overwrite the meshes, textures or LODs of this mod. Unless of course you are an advanced mod users and know exactly what you are doing.

  • Sorting with LOOT should be fine. In general it doesn't matter where the ESP is in your load order as it only contains new path to the meshes. There should be no conflicts except with mods that are incompatible to begin with.

  • Enhanced Landscapes - Compatible. But you need to re-generate Tree LODs. Install EVT after Enhanced Landscapes and let EVT overwrite files from Enhanced Landscapes.

  • Simply Bigger Trees - Incompatible. Edits the vanilla meshes (scales them) and therefore conflicting.

  • Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Incompatible out of the box. But you can use the updated meshes for e.g the lush snow pines and some others if you are an experienced mod user. EVT's billboards are still a very good match.

  • Incompatible with texture mods for tree barks because EVT uses changed meshes (except Aspen Trees). Textures need to be adjusted for these new meshes.

  • Incompatible with any other mod that provides Tree LODs for vanilla trees (e.g. do not install Tree LODs from Vivid Weathers or let EVT overwrite those).

  • Incompatible with any other tree tree mod that changes vanilla trees or their meshes. Mods that add new kind of trees are compatible though, but you need to re-generate Tree LODs of course.

  • Limited compatibility with texture mods for foliage and branches because billboards and Tree LODs might not match anymore. But any texture for foliage and branches will work with the EVT meshes without the need to adjust them. 

  • Compatible with texture that change the tree clutter supplied for convenience with EVT.

  • Grass Mods - Compatible. EVT does not touch any grass or landscape textures. For Grass we commend Veydosebrom and for landscapes Skyland.

There are multiple options in the installer which go down the list by their respective performance hit.

Because we have reduced animations, despite a higher polygon count the Basic option will have slightly better performance over vanilla trees and for the Custom Large and Lush trees there will be a hit of 3-10  fps depending on your system and how much headroom your system has per frame and your VRAM of course.

Most impact on the performance will have your shadow settings because larger trees with more leaves will cast a lot more shadows both on the ground and on themselves. If you use more conservative settings you gain a few FPS back.

Try out what best fits your system. If one option seems too much for your load order try a lower one.

In case you want to create your own Tree LODs you can find the procedure below. If you are already comfy with generating your own LODs you probably will not learn anything new.

For any specific problems with these tools please visit their respective support page. We can only provide support specific to EVT and not general support on LOD creation.

When installing Enhanced Vanilla Trees - Billboards make sure you select the same options as for the main mod!

The below procedures focus on generating tree LODs only. If you want to you can run object LOD creation at the same time of course with the settings of your liking.

With SSELODGEN (for all users)

  1. Install Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards
  2. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees (let it overwrite file)
  3. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees - Billboards (let it overwrite files)
  4. Start SSELODGen
  5. Make sure 'Tree LODs' is checked (leave 'Object LODs' unchecked if you want to create tree LODs only)
  6. Select the world spaces for which you want to create new tree LODs
  7. Select the brightness for your tree LODs
  8. Click on Generate and Wait

3D Tree LOD Generation with DynDOLOD (for advanced users)

  1. Unpack DynDOLOD somewhere
  2. Edit 'DynDOLOD\EditScripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_SSE.ini' and set 'TreeLODs=0'
  3. Delete the contents of the 'DynDOLOD\EditScripts\DynDOLOD\cache\' folder
  4. Install Indistinguisable Vanilla Tree Billboards
  5. Install DynDOLOD Resources (let it overwrite files)
  6. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees (let it overwrite files)
  7. Install Enhanced Vanilla Trees - Billboards (let it overwrite files)
  8. Start DynDOLOD with "DynDOLOD.exe -SSE' to start it in SSE mode
  9. Select 'Advanced Mode'
  10. 'Generate LOD Tree' should be grayed out of you did step 2 correct
  11. Select the world spaces you want to generate 3D tree LODs for
  12. Select the brightness for the Tree LODs
  13. Click on OK and wait
  14. Copy the DynDOLOD Output into your installation directory

If you want to generate 2D tree LODs with DynDOLOD reset 'TreeLODs=0' to 'TreeLODs=1' again.

Also you can generate your object LODs with DynDOLOD at the same time. See DynDOLOD FAQ/Docs for more info.

  • Q: Why is the archive so big?
  • A: Because we provide over 50 pre-generated Tree LODs for easy use.

  • Q: Does this mod has any performance impact?
  • A: See point 'Performance' above.

  • Q: Is this compatible with tree mod 'X''?
  • A: If mod 'X' replaces vanilla trees and meshes then no. 

  • Q: Does with work with tree LOD mod 'X'?
  • A: No. If you want to generate you own tree LODs see 'LOD Generation' above.

  • Q: My distant trees are brighter than my closer trees. What I can do?
  • A: Try install the Darker Tree LODs supplied with this mod. If this doesn't help try to generate your own Tree LODs with a custom brightness setting.

  • Q: My distant Trees do not match the color of my closer trees. What can I do?
  • A: If you have basic Photoshop skills you can edit inside the textures\terrain folder to your heart's desire.

  • Q: My distant trees are cut in half. What can I do?
  • A: Make sure your overwrite any old LODs that you had in place and that the tree LODs files from EVT are not overwritten by any other mod.

  • Q: I noticed some texture seams on few trees!
  • A: This is pretty much unavoidable and also shows with the vanilla trees and all trees mods as well one a few trees the game places. Some textures will be adjusted in a future update to mitigate that problem better without providing "mushy" textures. But there should be no obvious large mismatches that are visible on all trees of a specific kind.

  • Q: I was eaten by a grue!
  • A: Well, it was pitch black to begin with, so...

  • Q: Can you bring this to XB1?
  • A: In case we get hold of some of the asset creators and they give their permissions for an XB1 release then yes.

  • Q: Is it safe to install or remove this mod during an ongoing game?
  • A: Yes.

  • Q: Does this mod use any scripts?
  • A: No. Scriptophobes are safe using it.

  • Q: The screenshots look totally different than what EVT looks in my game!
  • A: Main mods used in the screenshot: EVT, Enhanced Landscapes, Veydosebrom, Re-Engaged ENB, Vivid Weather

If you find any bugs, incompatibilities with other mods or general issues or if you have a feature request please leave a comment in the comment section. We will regularly check them.

When posting a bug report please include the installation options you used.

If you like this mod, please leave an endorsement. This is how mod authors measure the quality of their work. And leaving endorsements and comments is a good way to motivate mod authors to keep updating and maintaining a mod.

Also screenshots and showcase videos of your installation are highly welcome.

Check out some other mods by Someramdomguy83 or Scythe42:


Please go to the mod pages of these mods and leave and endorsement!

  • Vurt for his 4K pine foliage textures and snowy trees foliage meshes from SFO
  • AceeQ for realistic aspen tree branch textures from Realistic Aspen Trees
  • Namoptep for his 4K Aspen Bark texture from TreesHD_Skyrim_Variation
  • Sheson for help with setting up 3D LODs and his great DynDOLOD