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Changes the bright-grey rock-fence texture from High Poly Project to perfectly match textures from various texture mods.

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High Poly Project is an amazing mod, but there's a tiny issue when using it alongside popular texture overhauls like Majestic Mountains. Textures for the new rock fences added by High Poly Project look out of place compared to some modded textures. This is a collection of loose files that change the rock fence texture to match your mountain textures.

Download and install the file that matches your rock textures. You could also use one that doesn't match your rock textures if you wish. Try all of them out and choose your favorite if you want! Choose only one. These mods are 100% safe to swap out mid playthrough since they're just textures.

Place this mod anywhere below High Poly Project in Mod Manger so that it overwrites High Poly Project.

Currently supports:
Majestic Mountains - Cathedral Concept (lightside, darkside and main)
Vivid Landscapes
Northfire's Photoreal Mountains 2 (main and vanilla)

The following spoiler contains instructions on how to make this extremely simple patch yourself. You can use this to make a patch for any texture mod you want, and it's really easy.


All credit goes to the original authors of the mods supported in this patch.

Thank you!