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A Base Object Swapper mod that adds over forty variants of the firewood stacks you find around Skyrim.

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Hi everyone!

First things first, a huge thank you to LucidAPs for permission to create this mod using assets from the awesome High Poly Project. Please give them some kudos!


Skyrim's a cold place, isn't it? But everyone just seems to horde their firewood. The piles you see around are ALWAYS the same. This mod aims to change that. I've created over forty different firewood stacks that you'll now encounter on your travels. The piles change on cell loads and so if you visit a location again, the firewood stack will have depleted further or been re-stocked as if it's actually being used. It's a small thing but I think it add a lot of immersion. 

The mod covers variants of all the firewood stacks (small, medium, large, and huge) excluding the sparse stacks. It covers piles with and without snow. For a better idea of what the mod does, take a look at the gallery.

This mod wouldn't be possible without the magic that is Base Object Swapper by powerofthree. Please make sure you have the latest version installed, you've endorsed the mod, and you've given powerofthree some well deserved kudos.

For the harvestable firewood piles, you'll need Dynamic Things Alternative - Base Object Swapper. Please make sure you have the latest version and you've endorsed wSkeever's excellent mod.


1). High Poly Project is a requirement to use this mod. Without installing the HPP first, you won't have any textures for your firewood piles. My mod only contains meshes and the files required by BOS. Install  High Poly Project (you can pick any texture size) first. Endorse that mod (it's amazing!) and give LucidAPs some kudos.

2). Install my mod. It contains an esl flagged esp for the firewood pile records. A BOS SWAP file to initiate the swaps, and the meshes required for the different firewood piles.

3). Enjoy!

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