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Added: 27/11/2016 - 02:08AM
Updated: 24/12/2016 - 01:53AM

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Uploaded by sialivi


Last updated at 1:53, 24 Dec 2016 Uploaded at 2:08, 27 Nov 2016

Skyrim is a windy region, yet hanging lanterns and signs outside stores and inns are unaffected by the strong winds. This subtle immersion mod enables signs and lanterns to react to wind like they logically should.

The mod makes the following changes:

  • Enabling all signs to react to the wind.
  • Enabling all hanging lanterns in exterior locations to react to the wind.
  • The mass of the signs have been increased so they don't swing quite as violently as the vanilla signs.
  • The min/max angle of the hinges have been increased to prevent the signs from slamming against this artificial limit.
  • The havok material of all wooden signs have been changed from metal to wood. Using the signs for target practice is much more satisfying when the arrows get stuck in the signs rather than get deflected.
  • Corrected the havok material of a few wooden beams that signs hang from. They were incorrectly set to metal.


  • Should be compatible with mods that replace the textures of the signs.
  • Compatible with weather mods, though if they alter the wind strength this will change how much the signs and lanterns swing.
  • Mods that adds new signs that doesn't use the vanilla sign meshes won't conflict but those signs will be unaffected by the wind until I make a patch. Request support in the comments section and I'll take a look at it.
  • Not compatible with mods that replaces the vanilla sign meshes. Request support in the comments section and I'll take a look at it.
  • Mods that replace the vanilla lantern meshes won't conflict since this mod uses unique filenames and records.
  • Mods that add new lanterns to the world won't conflict, but will also not benefit from this mods movable lanterns until I make a patch. Request support in the comments section and I might take a look at it.

Compatibility patches and/or modified meshes for the following mods are included (Note: Not all patches have been converted to SSE yet):

¹ Patch converted to Skyrim Special Edition.
² Doesn't need to be converted to Skyrim Special Edition since it's only meshes.
³ Only signs are supported, hanging lantern support will be added later.


The mod can be installed at any time and comes with FOMOD and BAIN installers to help guiding you through the installation. The installers will detect which mods you have installed and pre-select the right compatibility patches.


The mod doesn't use any scripts and can therefore be uninstalled at any time.

Load Order:

I generally recommend the following:
  • Place "Blowing in the Wind.esp" as high in the load order as possible, before any mods that alters signs and lanterns.
  • Place each compatibility patch right after the mod it patches.

  • Blowing in the Wind.esp
  • CLARALUX.esp
  • Blowing in the Wind - CLARALUX Patch.esp
  • SMIM-Merged-All.esp
  • Blowing in the Wind - SMIM Merged All Patch.esp


Q: Does the mod use any scripts?
A: No.

Q: Why does it need .esp files? I thought the mod only altered the meshes?
A: Just replacing the non-moving meshes with moving ones is not enough, the records need to be changed from static to movable static as well. In addition to that, the same mesh and the same records are used for both hanging lanterns and lanterns placed on surfaces. I have therefore had to manually audit every single lantern to see which ones are hanging and replace only those with the new movable versions.

Q: Can I merge the .esp's?
A: I don't see why not. I have no experience with merging mods though, so I can not provide any help or assistance.

Q: Why are the signs and lanterns not blowing in the same direction as the columns of smoke from braziers, chimneys and campfires?
A: The smoke columns are simple animations that are not physics/wind enabled. Rotating the columns to match wind direction would require scripting, but I might consider doing this in the future.

Q: Why haven't interior lanterns been replaced with the same movable lantern meshes?
A: Lanterns in interior locations could certainly benefit from also being movable when something collides with them. I am however still quite busy with the exterior lanterns that are affected by wind, which is obviously higher priority.

Q: Why are the signs and lanterns not blowing in the same direction as the falling snow?
A: I'm not sure the snowfall takes either wind direction or wind strength into account at all. Correct me if I'm wrong.


This mod is the work of sialivi.

Special thanks to:
  • Brumbek who gave me permission to include his SMIM signs and lantern meshes.
  • Hanaisse for her Nifskope and Blender assistance.
  • MannyGT who gave me permission to include his Rounded Lanterns mesh.
  • css0101 for the Nordic Lantern resource.

Furthermore, I'd like to thank the following mod authors for allowing me to make compatibility patches for their mods:

And finally I'd like to thank the following tool authors: