About this mod

A high quality ENB Preset focused on realism, Patrician ENB produces sharp visuals and accurate color representation complemented with the use of dramatic yet subtle effects.

It's time to rediscover Skyrim in a whole new way!

Permissions and credits



Created for the latest ENB binary v0.479, Patrician ENB produces sharpened and clear images utilizing the full color palette.
This ENB preset will take advantage of all the effects ENB Series has to offer that hopes to satisfy both players and screen archers.

Through the use of subtle adaptations techniques, Patrician ENB offers beautiful and immersive exteriors and interiors.
A careful consideration was given towards lighting that resulted in stunning ambient lighting and seamless LOD blending.
The goal of this ENB is to provide a more intimate atmosphere by highlighting characters and objects, not bury them beneath a filter.

Patrician ENB was designed to be clear and accurate. Any unfavorable textures or visuals will be exposed so it is strongly recommended to build your game with the mods listed below to receive the best results. This page will guide you through the requirements and recommendations in order to achieve the best visual experience that will push the boundaries on what you can expect from Skyrim in 2022.


To obtain the finest result, you will first need a good weather system.
This is a hard requirement as this ENB was designed to trigger corresponding effects and climates.

Natural Lighting Vivid Athmospheric (NLVA)

Step 1) Install Vivid Weathers v1.56
During the installation process, I recommend keeping Volumetric Fogs.
Enable Stars and Galaxy Textures and Extended Rain Sounds.
Do not select any patches, you do not need them.
Once done, deactivate/hide or simply delete "Vivid Weathers.esp"

During the installation of Vivid Weathers you have the option to choose your texture size, 512, 1K, or 2K. 512 is already really nice and will provide great performance while still providing with the full effect. 1K is a good balance between visuals and performance (recommended). 2K for the best visuals.

Step 2) Install Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics v2.0
NLVA weather mod will overwrite several Vivid Weathers assets. Do not worry, this normal.
Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.esp will control both Vivid Weathers and NLVA weathers.

As of version 1.3, Patrician ENB now has its own Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics.esp .
You will still need to download the entire Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics mod and
the original plugin must be overwritten by the one provided in the ENB.
The plugin mainly produces heavier rain, night gradients and longer weather transitions.
If you are using NLVA along with True Storms, please use the NLVA TS.esp found in the Optional Files of this ENB.

This completes the weather section.
You now have one of the best weather mods using only a single plugin along with your preferred texture resolution!

Lighting was a bit of a harder choice. Patrician was designed to be clear and atmospheric while still being mindful of performance and minimizing visual errors. After testing and consideration between Realistic Lighting Overhaul, Enhanced Lighting and FX, Relighting Skyrim, and Enhanced Lighting for ENB it was decided that the combination of Relighting Skyrim and Enhanced Lighting for ENB would provide the ideal lighting characteristics and lighting placement. This combination is script-free and does not introduce any new meshes, making this setup very lightweight and more manageable in terms of compatibility for other mods in your load order. In addition, this combination does not suffer from major FPS drops or flickering that can be found in other lighting mods.

Relighting Skyrim

Step 1) Install Relighting Skyrim - Without JIT - Legendary v4.1.3

Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)

Step 2) Install Enhanced lighting for ENB (ELE)

ELE focuses on improving imagespaces (without any color range restrictions) and ambient colors which pairs perfectly with the light placement and characteristic fixes of Relighting Skyrim. This lighting setup is uncommon for an ENB preset and part of what makes Patrician ENB stand out from than the rest. And to make matters even more simple, Relighting Skyrim and ELE does not require any patches to integrate the two as they are already compatible.


Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP)
An essential mod that corrects many of the vanilla errors in Skyrim. 
This does not have a direct impact on the appearance of the ENB but some of the recommended mods are linked to USLEEP.

Skyrim Exterior Fixes - Supplemental Relighting Skyrim
The Skyrim Exterior Fixes mod fixes and improves USLEEP.

The Supplemental Relighting Skyrim option in Skyrim Exterior Fixes mainly improves Relighting Skyrim by adding missing light sources and
placement (highly recommended).
In Skyrim Exterior Fixes, a patch for Skyrim Supplemental Patch users is also available.

Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB
object meshes that have their shaders or blending properties set incorrectly.
This will lay the foundation for a suitable environment for use with ENB.
Choose between the Selective or the All-In-One installation.

Realistic Water 2 with ENB Textures
Patrician ENB was created for Realistic Water 2 and the included ENB Textures.
( it must overwrites the particle patch if asked. In general, RW2 overwrites everything.)

Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water 2
If you want a more fantasy colored water which gives a greenish blue tint.
I use Watercolor for ENB because transparency is better.

Light Beam Fix
Alters the positioning of light beams in certain inns and taverns to make them look more natural.

Ultimate Fire HD
Torches, campfires, fireplaces visuals and effects have been improved.
Goes perfectly with Patrician ENB. Use Ultra version if you can.

Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB Mods
Patrician ENB utilizes Complex Particle Lights feature. Rudy's mods 
adds more light sources with shadowing to the game.
My effect is weaker compared to Rudy's, mainly to avoid extreme lighting in specific conditions.

Quick Light
Personal light that goes nicely with Patrician ENB.
Fully adjustable via MCM.

Obsidian Mountain Fogs for Legendary edition
This is a new recommendation for your load order. I edited the ENB to generate a perfect mix between NLVA and

Obsidian Mountain Fogs. Colors match perfectly and the blending is natural. Highly recommended. Load order doesn't matter.

Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One
Adds lanterns to main roads, villages, towns, and settlements for better visibility at night.
Provides a nice ambiance for exteriors, especially during foggy and rainy weathers where you can see how the lights emitted from the lanterns interact with the different climates. Use the normal version 2.5 (normal brightness for correct results).
Fully compatible with Relighting Skyrim and ELE.

Facelight Plus
Facelight adds point lighting to your character and can be added to other NPCs.
This sometimes causes a halo effect or strong glow on the characters' faces. Patrician ENB was designed to mitigate these effects.
The "dark" setting will provide with a more natural look while the "on" setting will provide a bit more brightness.

Immersive Spells and Light
Makes the spell in your hands emit light and appear more imposing.
The use of Relighting Skyrim, ELE, complex particle lights ENB effect, and Immersive Spells and Lights produce an astonishing visual.
Recommended for mages and screenarchers. For best performance, I recommend applying this effect only for your own character.
Fully adjustable via MCM.

Step 1

Download the latest ENB series 0.479 for Skyrim Legendary Edition.
Extract the following files from the Wrapper Version and drop into your Skyrim directory folder.


Step 2
Download the content found in the Files section of this page and extract the contents of Patrician ENB into your Skyrim directory folder.

Step 3
In your Skyrim launcher, ensure that Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering is set to "Off".

Set the Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings in your graphics driver control panel to "Application-Controlled" or "Off".

Also, in your GPU setting, Ambient Occlusion must be "Off" as you can see.

Edit your SkyrimPrefs.ini and set the following:




If your performances decrease when using magic, just reduce this number like:

Step 4
Edit your Skyrim.ini and set the following:


Step 5
Edit your enblocal.ini according to your computer's specs.
Use the ENB VRAMTest tool for accurate calculation.


Remember to save.


Patrician ENB was crafted to mimic realistic interiors. Interiors without enough light sources will appear naturally dark whereas an interior with sufficient light sources will appear naturally brighter the closer you are to the source of the light. Accurate lighting and shadow effects provides depth and logical visuals to go along with the type of atmosphere that is perfectly suitable for any style of play.

Interior atmosphere can be changed by simply reordering Relighting Skyrim and ELE's plugins within your load order to better suit your preference.

Load Order 1
RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp first then ELE_Legendary_Light.esp
ELE has priority. Interiors are darker, realistic, and focus on point lighting and fires. Unique lighting templates, fogs and imagespace from ELE

Load Order 2
ELE_Legendary_Light.esp first then RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp.
Relighting Skyrim has priority. Interiors are not as dark with a clearer ambient lighting. For those who want "vanilla -style" interiors.

Whichever choice you make, know that ambient colors, mists, and interior fogs will still be edited by the ENB.
However, Patrician ENB is tweaked for the load order Relighting Skyrim then Enhanced Lighting for ENB in order to have the full benefit for all lightings and imagespace from ELE. Place these esps to the end of your load order. That's my recommendation.

Patrician ENB has been edited on a full palette to support full RGB (0 - 255 colors).
Users may have to make system adjustments to take full advantage of Patrician ENB.
Nvidia users, open the Nvidia Control Panel, locate the "Nvidia color settings" and set your display's "Output dynamic range" to "Full".
AMD users should activate a similar option, if applicable.
A full color palette ensures that white will appear clearer and black will appear deeper.
Not enabling this option will make your games appear faded and washed out.

Patrician ENB offers a wide variety of nights, anything from clear nights to a cool misty night. There is a trigger for nights of every weather.
I am particularly fond of the rare but wonderfully unique blue nights created by Patrician ENB. 
Concepts from The Witcher 3 have greatly influenced the design of the skyline. Horizons can be seen in the distance giving the player a sense of depth, perspective, and provides a visual landmark for your travels throughout the lands of Skyrim.
The influence of The Witcher 3 can best be seen in Markarth and The Reach where a powerful moonlight may be seen during clear nights.

PATRICIAN ENB weather support
PATRICIAN ENB comes prepackaged with custom weather inis for both vanilla and modded locations! Those custom weathers are specifically tailored to each location/region and apply naturally during the course of your playthrough. They can be anything from a subtle lighting tweak inside a ruin to completely new and exciting phenomenons you have not seen in skyrim before. Custom locations are supported and will trigger only if and when you decide to actually play these mods. No input required from the user - just download PATRICIAN and enjoy new, breathtaking atmospherics.

Full weather support for
The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.
Stunning sky-lighting and direct lighting, seamless LOD blending, gorgeous blue "1001 Nights" and infernal desert storms.
Experience this wonderful world with the full effects and support of Patrician which provides amazing shaders on all characters too.
Built from scratch and finished to perfection, it's time for you to discover this adventure with Patrician ENB.

Full weather support for Wyrmstooth
This new land contains 4 new weathers. Patrician ENB recognize them all and apply dedicated effects. Logic, varied, immersive and playable. You can now live this great adventure with enjoyable visual and consistent landscapes. The weather support has been made for the latest up to date Wyrmstooth.

Full weather support for Darkend.
Massive immersive fogs, high speculars, and dramatic interior lightings. Relighting Skyrim and ELE pairs perfectly for Darkend.
All weathers, points lighting, and ambient lighting have been edited to appear better suited for Darkend's distinct atmosphere.
In addition there are improvements to the lava at the end of the mod which can appear unpleasant if you do not have proper weather support.

Custom lighting and effects for all Hammet's Dungeons and also for the Land of Vominhein. All 32 dungeons.
Probably one of the best "New dungeon mod" for Skyrim. All settings forced by location ID. The mod is also perfectly integrated to the game. Personaly, it's a must have in my load order....

Unique settings for all Forgotten Dungeons. For this mod, i wanted something special. Very dark interiors, warm
lighting and a few ambient lighting to bring my own unique athmosphere. All settings forced by location ID.
Patrician ENB definitly shines in Forgotten Dungeons. For adventurers
and RP players.

A hidden gem within the community, The World of Rudra pushes the boundaries of what it means to experience a new worlds.
Explore The World of Rudra and its seemingly infinite lands with Patrician ENB.
Built from scratch, all weathers have been polished and injected into the weatherlist to obtain the finest and clearest results.
Sunrises and sky lighting are strong, powerful, and create an impressive display on the hot sands.
LODs are perfectly blended, easily allowing you to appreciate this vast new world.
A perfect destination for taking beautiful screenshots due to the unique luminosity.
Use Google to download the English version 1.75.

Full weather support for Summerset Isle.
See all Patrician effects in this new vast world. The effects have been precisely edited to fit this new land and compliment the unique textures and meshes.
Specific meshes react to specific shaders, so the ENB was edited for satisfying visuals throughout this new world.
All weathers have been edited to provide with full weather support to give you the best experience throughout your new journey.

Weather support for Vigilant
Acts 1, 2, 3 & 4
This exceptional mod deserves weather support, and especially the final act which is simply as masterpiece.
The goal was to preserve the original atmosphere of the mod while providing the full benefit of ENB effects with weather support.

Weather Support for The Republic of Maslea
A new world to explore with a lot of new assets. This new land comes with new textures and meshes. You'll be surprised by the originality of the mod. Patrician ENB supports all new weathers to hightlight unique places like amazing new grottos (with unique textures) and one of the best Oblivion plane i have ever seen. Maximum effects and clarity required! I dedicated time to provide the best lod blending on the main map (island). Well, take your backpack, the adventure begins now!

Weather Support for the unique Dreamborne Isles
The support is mainly for the last chapter of the mod (with the Sovngarde sky) in order to obtain a balanced visual and to finish this exceptional quest
under the best possible conditions.

Weather support for Moonpath To Elsweyr

Exceptionally, to make the support works, you need to download a second mod
Moonpath - Lighting and weather patch
This patch gives Moonpath a standalone weathers and reacts to ENB. It's required.

Weather support for Beyond Reach
One of the best new land mod is now supported by Patrician ENB.
 Foggy, rainy, misty, sunny....all is available and follow the concept of this fabulous mod. An enormous map with a lot of quest awaits you.
Feel the power of The Patrician in this desolated land.
A unique and special attention to details has been given toward........The Void ...... to make it gloomy and "End of Days".
But to reach this unique stage, you'll need have a solid character...believe me!

Custom ambient lighting and effects for the Haven Bag.
This mod is mainly for those who don't want to spend their time with house mods. The Haven bag is a quick shortcut to store all your stuff....and it's safe :) Well, now your bag is welcoming :)

Weather support for Orsinium - Land of the Orcs

An mod featuring a new worldspace. A bit old and some strangenesses but this mod has a pretty good level design. That's the reason why i did the weather support. The desert-like valley, rocky landscapes and the global athmosphere make this mod unique and finally enjoyable with my ENB. Definitely Orsimer friendly.
By Malacath!

Weather support for Project AHO
All new locations edited and sended to the weatherlist.ini and to the locationweather.ini.
All settings forced by location ID. So, all is automatic for the player.
These are interior cells mainly (an underground city), so i used all available effects in order to make them appealing, playable and logic.
Interesting and unique results on the lightsprite, point lighting and fog interrior.
Absolutly unique!
Note: Better is your Solstheim, better is Project AHO...So, it's time for you to give some love to Solstheim too (textures, meshes, parallax, etc...)

Patrician ENB supports the Aether Suite & GomaPeroLand.
The Aether Suite is a modern setting and used for screenarchery. Patrician ENB was designed to give Aether Suite a unique set of colors and contrasts to help create the ideal photographic experience. Aether Suite utilizes four unique weathers. Patrician ENB fully supports these weathers by allowing more precise controls and an enhanced sense of style that is unbound to the vanilla set of weathers.

The support for GomaPeroLand is a bit simpler as there is utilization for only one unique weather.
This activates automatically and will give you the ideal conditions for GomaPeroLand. All other weathers will be triggered by NLVA.

Some new lands or worlds such as
Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, or Falskaar
do not need weather support.
These mods are already 100% compatible with NLVA and will use the NLVA weatherlist.

Patrician ENB highlights your characters that appears natural and balanced. Natural tones and colors which improve textures and better enhance details. The subsurface scattering (skin shader) has been polished to avoid unnatural tints. Tested on both males and females. Works well for Orcs and Dark Elves too. Your character skin reacts to rainy weather and will become wet. Results may vary according to the skin mods used and to personal editing of your character meshes.

The beauty of modding Skyrim are the bountiful and well diverse selection of mods.
To enhance your game even further, I recommend discovering high quality textures replacers and other visual enhancers.
I will provide you with an example for weather but I encourage you to really discover for yourself what is out there and find what you like best.

- Example Weather combo -

Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics
Lightning During Thunderstorms
Immersive Skyrim Thunder
Wonders of Weather
Skygazer Moons - Masser and Secunda
Etheral Auroras
New rain texture of your choice
New galaxy texture of your choice
New stars texture of your choice
New mist texture of your choice
Sun and sunglare texture of your choice

This is an easy example that is 100% stable and works perfectly with Patrician ENB.
Please use good judgement when curating your mod list.
Understand that some mods may not be FPS friendly, such as heavy rain or snow mods.

- All other weather systems like Climates of Tamriel, ELFX Weathers, NLA, Pure Weather, Purity, etc.
- All other lighting systems like Claralux, Climates of Tamriel, ELFX, Luminosity, RLO, URWL, etc....
- Any mods that remove fogs and mists (interior and exterior). Patrician ENB has fog and mist. They must not be removed.
- Spam and spam supporters. If you are part of one these two categories, or both, you are not welcomed to comment or upload any images. I have zero tolerance for this and want no association with these types of people.

- Relighting Skyrim with ELE allows you to use the highest quality SMIM / RCI chandelier/candlehorn (full 3D) without any interior FPS drop.
In general, this lighting system allows you to use mods that add complex and numerous meshes in interiors without impact on FPS.
- When entering extremely massive dungeons or ruins, you will not encounter any fps drop due to the excellent performance of Relighting Skyrim.
- Patrician ENB has been tested on a pure vanilla Skyrim to gauge the performance ceiling. The results offered great performance however, I still recommend retexturing your game to obtain a better visual experience.
- Patrician ENB comes with a very simple depth of field that is gameplay oriented. This depth of field does not add any tint, is neutral in color, and barely costs any FPS. For screenarchers, use one of my depth of field available in "optional files".
- Patrician ENB comes "parallax ready". If you include parallax meshes and textures in your game you will see this effect by default.You don't need to change the setting.
- In the Optional Files, I included Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. These have already been configured for Patrician ENB. Use them if you would like.
- The included enblocal.ini is one of the most stable you can find. I have done tremendous amounts of research on stability in hopes of passing it on to you, the user.
- Patrician ENB has been tested with DynDOLOD and TES5LODGen. To generate LODs, use TES5LODGen if you want almost zero fps drop. Use DynDOLOD to achieve a higher quality. The Medium setting is my recommendation. It's superior to the Low setting and almost identical to the High setting. I recommend a lod brightness value -5.
- The generated finished product of DynDOLOD is directly proportional to what you put in. Try other billboards other than the standard set provided by DynDOLOD Resources. Enhance your visuals by using higher quality LODs (terrain, objects, trees). 
- The results for generated LODs and Patrician ENB have been perfectly blended. I definitely think that you can disable the depth of field for gameplay and still have excellent visuals.
- In your Skyrim Launcher, I recommend setting Shadows on High or Ultra. Mainly for a better shadows distance.
- Use BethINI for proper ini file generation. Be sure to activate the "ENB" setting, turn off Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering, and set ini files to Read-only to prevent any unauthorized changed.
- If you use Another Start - Live Another Life it may be possible that the ENB doesn't trigger the right interior weather when starting out in the prison. To fix this, continue your adventure. The effect will be injected with time or after the next loading screen.
- Patrician ENB supports Solstheim and Dawnguard.
- Patrician ENB works for all PCs. If you are having difficulties due to DirectX compatibility, I recommend you to download DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes (June 2010) or End-User Runtimes Web Installer. This is mainly for new computers which may not come with DirectX 9 already installed.

- Continuing to improve Patrician ENB
- Creating more weather variations
- Taking feedbacks

- Boris Vorontsov for creating ENB binaries and for allowing the modding community to forge our games
- All the ENBDev members for their creativity and efforts
- Rudy102 for the permission to use and to modify Rudy ENB
- NovakDalton and JawZ for Relighting Skyrim and ELE
- JawZ for the smooth sky mesh
- Mindflux for the Particle Patch for ENB
- Kojak747 for Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics
- Mangaclub for Vivid Weathers
- Prod80 for the bloom
- Phinix for the sunsprite
- HDT for the depth of field (initial release)
- Aiyen for the new depth of field
- All the mod creators of the mods recommended
- Bethesda for the original game


- First, I would like to thank all the visitors of my blog, Skyrim Scandal.
  You've given me the motivation, a reason to progress, and a community to share with. Thank you!
- ZerOxShadows for her patience and for writing and organizing this Nexus page.
- Dark1Nova for ENB testing, feedback, and free speech.
- DreamerSteamer for ENB testing, feedback and the supportive messages.
- SmokeyBear187 for ENB testing, feedback and being a true bear.
- Again, thank you, Rudy. Without Rudy ENB, Patrician ENB would not exist.