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A new land called Vominheim roughly the size of Solstheim. Features dozens of new locations to discover and explore.

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HOT MODS Jan 2020. Thanks for the Support!!

The Land of Vominheim
by: venjhammet

Background story about the land:
During the last dragon war a group of cultist headed by a powerful necromancer Vuldur escaped Skyrim and settled on this cold volcanic and unforgiving land. There they build a large temple situated at the center of the island and were guarded by dragons. Many years has past until a nordic prince Valdgar invaded their land when he was deceived by Lord Vuldur. His victory was near when the mortally wounded Vuldur cried for help on Molag Bal. The Lord of scheme then ascended down bringing him forth his dark army from Coldharbour and defeated Lord Valdgar and his men. The dying Lord Vuldur was taken by Molag Bal to an unknown realm to were his temple is now located. The old temple on the island was destroyed and was rebuild by Ingimund, one of his disciple. Since then the island was merely occupied by bandits and hunters. Until one day the Jarl of Dawnstar took notice and eventually assumed control of the island and deployed his men to safeguard the settlers.

What is Vominheim?

Vominheim is a large archipelagic and cold land consist of Multiple island with boat on each island for easy travel. It is roughly the size of Solstheim and has dozens of locations to discover and explore.

Though this land doesn't have actual questline yet. But there are written quest notes, treasure hunts and journals with some background stories that can be found through out the island to keep you busy, in short it's roughly made for exploration. You can expect dungeons and caves to be highly detailed, immersive and enemies of high level.

To get to this land you’ll need to head north of Dawnstar and find the Northfolk docks which can take you to Vominheim.

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Also available for special edition:

I welcome other language translation provided that you ask my permission first and must be Nexus exclusive only.

Now Land of Vominheim is a Standalone mod which will not require the Hammet Dungeon Packs to run. I designated it as version 2.0 so it will be distinguishable from the older version and it is not compatible with older version of the mod. The portal between Desolate Veil (Hammet Dungeon Packs) and Vominheim is now removed. However a patch below was created in case some would prefer them restored.

Grab this patch if you want Vominheim and Desolate Veil portal restored:

Updates and changes:

changelog v2.03
-fix the conjuration spell of Banished Mage
-added a proper heading marker when fast travelling to Nchuznak & Rhunzdak

changelog v2.02
-just an updated BSA file
-vominheim.bsa now can be use either for esp or esm

changelog v2.01
-a corrected copy of vominheim.bsa file (made a mistake during the compiling of the bsa file)
-still the same vominheim.esp version 2.0 just an updated bsa file

changelog v2.0
-added a few more location to discover and explore; Mzund Til, Shriekwind Rock, Stormwind Rock
-a new settlement Hwen Frost can be found south near Jaraf's Camp
-few enhancement and changes to Whiteshore Village, Alnorn and Wake Crest
-Lake Vormirk's deepness is now reduce
-Faheimer has a tower located along the lake
-removed that cold wind that surrounds the middle temple of the island
-passage from Temple of Vuldur to Vominheim is no more due to the standalone changes
-not compatible with older version of the mod
-comes with ESP or ESM file version


Whiteshore Village – a small village found on the west side of the island. It is here that you will first arrive on the island via boat from Skyrim. It has tavern, mine, blacksmith, apothecary and spell stores. Guards, jail and barracks are also available to keep the peace should you misbehave at the village.

In addition the island offers the following content;

a. Dozens of locations to explore such as dungeons, cave, mines and camps.
b. Powerful enemies, unique enchantments of armor and weapons and unique spells.
c. Written quest and treasure hunts to keep you busy.
d. Five(5) powerful followers can be found to accompany you on your adventures.

   Sinjar-dar - a Khajiit necromancer on Whiteshore Village
   Vjalder - a Nord Barbarian west of Fallvern Island on a small knoll called Sea Breeze Cabin
   Yzla Titanborn - a Redguard Berserker on Wake Crest
   Fenian - a Wood Elf vampire on Jaraf's Camp
   Aliron - a Breton warden on Wake Crest

e. An additional player house is also added but with a small written quest in order to acquire the house

Update Notes;

Changelog v1.11
-added a new world space, a rift located at Vominheim
-added a bsa file for the lodsetting of the new rift added

   The Land of Vominheim is at threat. People living in this land are oblivious of the impending disaster that awaits them. The Disciples of Vuldur has managed to open a portal to the dark realm of Vorendir located on Tundra Dovul Bal east of the mainland. Now it's up to you to stop this event and to destroy a powerful dremora lord and his minions before they are unleashed on Vominheim.

Changelog v1.10
-added one new location a shipwreck found north of Lonely Moon Camp

-added two new dungeons:
   a. Varenhall - a nordic ruin located east of the mainland
   b. Frostdread Cavern - located on Helmfrost Isle

Changelog v1.091
-a quick fixed on the Level Character of Bandit Boss that was accidentally replaced by a Vigilant of Stendar character. Somehow I missed during the Tes5dit clean-up.

Changelog v1.09
-fixed the misaligned optimization cube on Bonemist Crypt
-added an underground room on Magestead, Whiteshore Village for smithing armors and weapons
-added a boat travel from Whiteshore Village to Alnorn Village
-added pawn vendor and apothecary store on Alnorn Village
-Jokulskr is now open for exploration, east of Alnorn Village, Twilight Bay

Changelog v1.08

-added one (1) dungeon located at Bleakcoven Ruin, Vominheim
-added two (2) new
location on Desolate Veil
   a. Veil Guardian Stone
   b. Bane of Void

Changelog v1.07
-fixed the missing key on both Witches on the Temple of Vuldur
-fixed the entrance on Anchazgar that prevents player from entering
-removed key requirement when exiting the last cell before entering Vuldur's Tomb

-added a quick exit on Vuldur's Tomb to Bay of Madness Portal (Desolate Veil)
-added a rowboat on Wraith Bog Tower going to Elder Wind Shrine (Vominheim)

changelog v1.06
-fixed broken entrance on Bashskull Retreat where player cannot enter
-fixed navmesh issue at Wake Crest
-added a rowboat travel from Vominheim Lighthouse to Wake Crest
-added an updated HammetDungeons.bsa file for the LOD Setting of the two (2) underground caverns, simply overwrite it
-added Four (4) new locations:
   1. Finnir's Camp - a small hunter's camp located at Frostfang Isle
   2. Aldmere Cave - a mining cave located at Bleak Coven Isle
   3. Elder Wind Shrine - a nordic shrine located at Bleak Coven Isle
   4. Rhunzdak - a large dwemer ruin with two (2) underground cavern located at Twilight Bay

changelog v1.05
-comes with an updated HammetDungeons.bsa, this is for the new island lod setting and few new npc and followers, simply overwrite it.
-fixed autoload door on dungeons that were using autoload door (should fixed blurry images when entering/exiting)
-fixed Hokimir weapon now playable
-Creshaw Hollow now has it's own key claw
-optimize few dungeons
-fixed trigger ambushed of enemy npc on Silent Veil
-Yzla is no longer on Morthal, she is now in Wake Crest, Vominheim
-added 2 new powerful followers:
  male vampire/dual weild conjurer - he can be found near Jaraf's Camp
  male breton/warden - he can be found at Wakecrest
-Vuldur domain has it's own map now and has been expanded and renamed to Desolate Veil
-new portal travel to Vominheim added on Vuldur's realm (Desolate Veil)
-enemy npc on Vuldur Temple are now much stronger
-camp w/ chest added on Coldfear Cavern near Portal and easy unlock route to Skyrim before entering Vuldur's Realm
-added Hall of the Dead at Whiteshore Village
-added 3 new islands: Bleak Coven Isle, Twilight Bay and Helmfrost Bay

  Bleak Coven Isle - located far northeast, to get there head to Frostfang Isle and find the boat on the east side.
       1. Bleak Coven Ruin - a nordic ruin shrine
       2. Bloodcrest Stone - a nordic shrine occupied by witches
       3. Brimclaw Cave - a bandit camp
       4. Lonely Moon Camp - a riekling camp
       5. Mournstone - a nordic shrine
       6. Sjolandr - an abandoned small village
       7. Wraith Bog Tower - a tower occupied by witches

  Helmfrost Bay - located far south east, to get there head to South Elmrial Dock (Khel Daral Ruin location)
       1. Helmfrost Bay - a small shack abandoned by mine workers
       2. Nylhalenor - an ancient elven ruin with Ayleid like architecture.

  Twilight Bay - located far northwest, to get there head to Wake Crest

       1. Alnorn Village - a small fishing village
       2. Nchuznak - a dwemer ruin

  Additional Cave/Dungeon:
       1. Whitemaw - a troll cave (Near Khel Daral)
       2. Khel Daral Lift

changelog v1.04

Grimhollow Mine - an old nordic ruin found on the southern part of the island
Elrod's Mine - an abandoned gold mining cave near Wake Crest
Dovul Bal - A necromantic rock shrine located all over the island.

changelog v1.03

Wake Crest - a new small fishery village far east of Whiteshore Village
Muldare Cave - a cave near Vormirk Lake
Narvegr mysterious door can now be unlock, find the key somewhere on the island.
A new home by the waterfall somewhere on the island
Two (2) bard added on taverns

changelog v1.02
-added two (2) new dungeons for Vominheim
-added a new claw for Hilleye Cabin (Hammet's dungeon Packs), no need to look for it on a different dungeon
-tuned down some few reward weapons and armors enchantment
-fixed on one of Lord Hammet's Armor for lacking of enchantment

changelog v1.01
-added more road and lamp posts
-added an east cave passage to Gladefall Grove
-added a few npc roaming on the island
-added three (3) new locations listed above

Abyssinia - a shipwrecked
Banefrost Island – a knoll west of the mainland
Blightrock – a spider den cave
Coldspire – a Nordic tomb occupied by bandits
Dughar’s Mine – a small ebony mine at Whiteshore Village
Eastshire Docks – a small dock
Eldgrim Cairn - a cave
Faheimr – an old Nordic cemetery
Froskyre – a Nordic ruin along the shoreline of Fallvern Island
Frostfang Cave – a dark cave occupied by Troll
Ghost of War – a shipwrecked
Gladefall Grove – a sacred cave for pilgrimage
Helgnir's Tower - a tower that has been taken by warlocks
Holmgeir – an old Nordic ruin
Ienar’s Shrine – a sacred shrine
Ienar’s Tomb – a Nordic tomb
Pirate's Cay – a small knoll occupied by horkers
Temple of Ingimund – a Nordic temple
Jaraf’s Camp – a small hunter’s camp
Jorundr Ruin – a Nordic ruin in shamble
Khel Daral – a dwemer ruin
Kolsgarth – a Nordic shrine
Malvak’s Tomb – a Nordic tomb
Narvegr - a nordic tomb

Nil Faldihr – a dwemer ruin
Northwind Bane – a Nordic tomb
Norvakhor – a Nordic tomb
Restfell – a warlock home cave
Sabrerock Camp - a bandit camp
Sea Breeze Cabin – a small hut on a knoll just north of Fallvern Island
Southpoint Dock – a small dock
Stillrock Mine – an old abandoned mine
Stoneward – a Nordic passage 
Stormtooth Cave – a small dark cave
Vominheim Lighthouse – lighthouse of Vominheim
Temple Portal – a portal that leads to the Temple of Ingimund
Vanheimr - a nordic tomb

Vorskull – a Nordic tomb
Vormirk Lake - a large frozen lake
Watchful Stone – a large statue believe to have came from Sovngard
Willowgrim – a large mushroom tree, home of warlocks
Wolfbound Camp – a camp occupied by bandits

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