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The first chapter of the new land mod "The Republic of Maslea", including many hours of gameplay in a totally new environment.

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Important: the mod now has a discord server:

SSE version is out :)  

By Anthelius
Soundtrack: Hayden Mc Gowan

Languages available:       

D'autres vidéos sur la chaine de victoryEagle pour les francophones : )

Walkthrough for the first dungeon, pretty good except the hall of air (see this video if you have problems with this part).

Si vous voulez aider au doublage francophone du mod, rendez vous à cette adresse

The republic of Maslea is located on the New Colovia Archipelago , in the
Padomaic Ocean, halfway between Tamriel and Akavir. It was conquered
during the first era by a schismatic fraction of the Alessian Order,
from Cyrodiil. Despite its former strenght as an oceanic power, Maslea
is a complex society divided by social classes, ideologies and external

The mod features:
● Several hours of gameplay
● A playable area with roughly the size of dragonborn DLC, entirely navmeshed and detailled
● A main quest with different paths
● More than 15 side quests of various lengths
● Plenty of NPCs with backstories and dialogues
● A detailled lore which doesn't conflict (hopefully) with the vanilla game
● New weapons, armors, creatures, architecture and a totally new soundtrack

You don't need the prologue, this is a standalone release : )

To start the first quest, you need to have completed the first part of Skyrim's Main quest, when
you're given the "Whirlwind Sprint" and "Unrelenting force" shouts (they
will be useful in the first dungeon) . Then, talk to Carlina at the Winking Skeever, in Solitude.
If you don't want to start the main quest, use the optional file "no main quest requirement".

Skyrim v


Dragonborn is highly recommended (not a strict dependancy yet, but there could be some problems in specific spots if you don't have it)

Fuz roh d'oh (quite important, or you'll have weird behaviors during
scripted scenes):

A not so weak character

A not so weak computer too (this should be a bit more demanding than vanilla skyrim)

Install one of the esm depending of your language. Don't forget to install the
"music" folder in Skyrim/data, not only the bsa. Otherwise, you'll have

Partial incompatibility with more bandit camps (Yellowhedge camp in the same spots as borea ruins from this mod). You can turn off this camp
with MBC Book menu.

The mod is fully navmeshed, however the first dungeon has a lot of platforms to jump and is really not made for followers, you'd better leave them outside.
There are really few vanilla skyrim areas altered, so the mod should be compatible with almost everything.

●Holy crap, 2GB! : I warned you, this is not a follower mod...

●Carlina has no dialogue: Save and reload

●She has dialogue but doesn"t say anything interesting: You need to complete
the first part of the main quest until you get the "Whirlwind Sprint"

●I can't access some platforms: Use the shout mentionned just above.

●I can't open the Door at the temple(spoiler): Use Unrelenting Force on it.

●The Hall of air is too hard! :  See this video:

●There are english mistakes/some books are untranslated: I'm not a native
english speaker, you're more than welcome to provide your own
translation/corrections if you want.

●There are standing ghosts saying nothing in the first cave: You haven't installed Fuz Roh d'oh. You should get it.

●I'm stuck when exiting Caelia cave: You haven't installed Fuz Roh d'oh. You should get it.

●Help! I've forgotten to take my gear back after leaving Caelia Island even though Carlina and the quest objectives reminded me to do it! : Type "Setstage 00MSForgottenGearFix 10" in the console.

● After the quest "blood canes", the music is gone: type "setstage 00MSMusicFix 1" in the console.

●I have an infinite loading screen after going to Maslea: That's the same
kind of bug than with Dragonborn, use something like safety loads or the
latest memory patch included with SKSE. If you have ctds, verify that
you have correctly installed the music folder.

●I can't find the sailors for the first naval quest (spoilers): Search them at dawnstar windpeak Inn.

●Where can I find a sigil stone for the quest given by Indesii? : You have to talk to Phinis Gestor in the academy of winterhold after reaching 90 in conjuration, to summon an unbound dremora (Hey, it's not supposed to be easy to go to oblivion). Alternatively, you can obtain it in a not lore friendly way with the console.

●The dubbing is only in french/uncomplete: Waiting for it would have delayed the release for several months decades,I'll probably add it with gradual updates.

There are any little bugs etc... : Please let me know so I can correct them later (if you want to be helpful, giving me all the typos you find would be very valuable).

Hayden McGowan

French beta testing:
jihan 123

French voice acting:

English beta testing:
ff7 legend

Bug fixing/proofreading:

French proofreading:

Help with english translation:

A huge thanks to AceeQ for the installer : )

Resources used:
GKB tree resources
Vurt (ported morrowind resources)
ztree rocks
Stroti and Tamira for countless resources
Phitt for its sheogorad mod ported by Tamira
elinen/hoddminir resources
insannitysorrow resources
blary resources
oaristys resources
Markus liberty/Beyond Skyrim (cyrodillic ship)
Mjy (bush models)
rug resource by yourenotsupposedtibeinhere
Ghosu (muskets, other weapons) 
dovabling jewellery
Imperial Assassin armor by Newermind 43
Prides of skyrim by Frankthefish
Rapier set by throttlekitty
Food Resource by bfadragon
common clothes by FrankinZunge
The Dryad by Xenius
Character resource pack by nuska
tricorne from bobs armory
Vicn creature resources/TW2 assets
SG hair pack./SG female textures (hellosanta)
Abyssal Dremora texture from Halofarm/Eiris
Project modularity by Darkfox127
Berkian Oblivion Resources
AOF potions by anoldfriend
Mihail Mods creature and weapons resources
Creepy zombies by futoshisan
TDN headresses by TheDNightshade
Realistic Eyeglasses by mannyGt
farm animal resource by ianjoseph1986
Prides of skyrim by frankthefish
Seagulls from Tamira/MrSiika
Resources from runspect
HQ Frames and canvas by betterbecause
Andragorn armory by Andragorn
WATER mod (typha resources)
Upper class furnitures by monk_ide
jets resource
Gallows by gandaganza
Swift steeds stables by fierymarigold
Kelretu modder resources
Black knight's lava meshes
Hallgarth (Shivering Isles mushrooms)
minermanb (sheogorath statue)

  Some resources from Tera and The witcher 2 and 3/CD projekt red used with permission (Many converted by Oaristys or LorSakyamuni).
Thanks to CGTextures (now and Lughertextures for their large choices of free textures

I've really used a lot of resources which were scattered around my HD, so If I've forgotten to credit you, don't hesitate to send a PM :)

Ask my permission before using my own meshes and textures. A lot of resources used are not from me, so you need to ask the authors first (but most of them are free to use).
You can not use anything for a paid mod
Translations in other languages are most welcome, but don't reupload to other sites without telling me.