About this mod

A collection of fixes for various incorrectly placed world objects.

Permissions and credits
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This mod is a huge collection of fixes for various incorrectly placed world objects (flying objects, holes in the landscape, and more), and also few mesh fixes. You can see some examples on the screenshots, more screenshots on the SE page. Actually now it changes interiors too, although in a smaller amount than exteriors.
All of this things was missed or unfinished by USLEEP and Supplemental Patch.

It also makes all the crops actually owned by farmers and adds a new dialogue to ask them for a permission.

I'm working on this mod with WiZkiD, many fixes and all the mesh fixes belong to him.
We continue to work on updates, so click "Track" and wait for updates.


This mod requires USLEEP.
Just install with your mod manager.
The plugin is flagged as esm.


Compatible with Supplemental Patch (btw it is recommended).
Let Skyrim Exterior Fixes meshes overwrite any conflicting meshes from SMIM, Enhanced texture detail (UV-tweaks) and ELFX Exteriors (in other words, the mods the SEF installer has patches for). Let any other mods meshes overwrite SEF (you will loose the mesh fixes, though). Actually you can do the opposite if you prefer to have the fixed meshes from SEF and you don't need the mesh edits of the conflicting mod, but only if you're sure it won't cause issues with that mod.

Follow this plugin order:

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
Skyrim Supplemental Patch.esp
- if you use it
Skyrim Exterior Fixes.esp

<other masters> - including Unofficial City Patch and its separate components
<other plugins>


I installed this mod and all the skeevers in the game started chasing me! I deleted it and i get a CTD when trying to enter the game even when i start a new game!
Hmm... WHAT?

I found something that needs fixing. How can I suggest a fix?
I'll need a few screenshots. Use bugs, posts or pm me, or upload screenshots in images section.
I need two things:
> what should i fix
> where is this thing
You can find a perfect example of a screenshots in the images section - see last three images. it's okay if you don't know how to draw in Paint, just make sure I can understand where this thing is from your report.
I used the tfc console command (free camera) to screen it from afar.

I'm a modder, how can I inherit fixes from this mod in some my mod?
Just select this mod as a master file in the Creation Kit. When you're done, you'll be able to unlink all unnecessary plugins with the "Clean Masters" xEdit option, then this mod will not be a requirement (it can fail if you moved some object added by this mod, like rocks added to close various holes. then it still will be a requirement or move this object into a sepatate patch).