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A comprehensive error correcting patch for Skyrim.

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A comprehensive error correcting patch with the primary objective of eliminating as many of the remaining errors as possible that still exist within the Skyrim game. This patch is intended to be used in conjunction with the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, and is meant to be
a resource to continue to fix the remaining errors that still need to be addressed within the Skyrim game. Although this patch is intended to be used with the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, it technically does not require it.

The Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition P
atch does an amazing job at fixing misplaced items, objects, and various other errors, but despite its massive scope it is seemingly impossible to fix everything and there are still countless errors that are still in need of fixing. Hence, that is the primary reason for the creation of the Skyrim Supplemental Patch, and every fix in this patch is a fix not already addressed by the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, making it ideal to go along side it.


The Skyrim Supplemental Patch addresses a broad range of errors that still exist, such as misplaced items and objects, holes and gaps in the world, invisible walls, ceilings, etc. correcting countless such instances that still remain. The Skyrim Supplemental Patch also fixes small placement errors like those found with many light sources such as burning embers, candles, and lanterns. If looked at closely, thousands of these light sources are haphazardly placed resulting in such anomalies as floating burning embers, embers clipping through the bowl that contains them, and floating/clipping candles, lanterns etc. The Skyrim Supplemental Patch painstakingly fixes virtually all of these misplaced objects and errors in the game world.

Examining the various dungeons, caves, and interiors in the Skyrim world will show in many instances the numerous problems that still remain, such as walls and floors connected to the wrong roommarker rendering them invisible, or open gaps where one can peer through the fabric of the world. The Skyrim Supplemental Patch fixes these numerous troublesome occurrences that still remain, correcting roombound association and properly blocking up holes. 

Many other types of errors are also addressed in the Skyrim Supplemental Patch, e.g. the problem with many of the seats/benches located in the world. There are countless benches/chairs/seats etc. in the Skyrim world that have been positioned without testing their placement. When actually sat upon, the players head becomes absorbed into the wall, providing a view into the skybox nether world and freezing all camera movement until standing up. These numerous seating issues have now been addressed, and will function properly now.

In addition, any object or item that could reasonably be considered to be out of place or clipping through another object has been fixed, along with countless more error correcting implementations that will improve the Skyrim experience. 


The Skyrim Supplemental Patch also addresses many other types of errors that still remain in an attempt to eliminate as many of the remaining errors as possible. The scope of the patch is broad, and addresses such errors that still exist with magic effects, spells, locational data, dialogue, quests, NPCs, books, ingredients, item and object ownership, meshes, grammar, perks, etc. with the primary goal of eliminating as many of the remaining errors as possible, so as to help provide the best Skyrim experience. 

The Skyrim Supplemental Patch should be compatible with everything.

The Skyrim Supplemental Patch requires the Legendary Edition of Skyrim.