About this mod

Travel to the Orc province of Orsinium. A brand new, exotic land!

Permissions and credits

Entrance to the mod is a new mountain pass near Dushnikh Yal. 

Also note this is a BETA release. It is best used as something to poke and play around with for fun, not as a permanent gameplay addition, as it has not been tested for this.
It adds an entire new province to the game. Namely, the homeland of the Orcs.
Access to Orsinium is provided by a mountain pass in southwestern Skyrim. When in Orsinium, you will have an entirely new map to explore. New enemies to fight. New NPCs to meet. And new music playing in the background. Eventually there will be new quests as well.

Travel beyond the borders of Skyrim and venture into the harsh mountain kingdom of Orsinium, that the Orcs call their home. Orsinium is nothing like Skyrim. Where the Nords live in snowy pine forests, the Orcs dwell in a desert-like valley, surrounded by jagged mountains and the occasional tropical oasis.

The tall mountains surrounding Orsinium shield it from the cold winds, making it
habitable to many of the dangerous creatures of Hammerfell. So beware the wilderness! Travelling to Orsinium City itself, situated ontop a central mountain in the valley, is not automatically safer, though. The Orcs are not very hospitable to outsiders.

The city is ruled by King Gortwog, who is protected by his elite Honor Guards. Orsinium City has an arena pit. Much of the city consists of ancient, withering structures; a remnant from the time when Yokudans inhabited the valley.

Other places of note in Orsinium are Dunhoff, a mining colony, and Fang Lair, an ancient Dwarven mine. There is also a small orc stronhold, Snow-Hearth, located far up in the mountains. Plenty of old Yokudan ruins also dot the valley and are the home of pariah bandits and the feared Dune Wraiths. Rumor has it that Orsinium City is actually built on top of an ancient Yokudan temple complex.

The Orsinium Valley features a few different landscapes. You can find snowy mountains, redwood forests, deserts, rocky badlands, a tropical oasis, savannas and pine forests. Various creatures not seen in Skyrim live in the valley. Some of these are: lumbering Mountain Lizards, deadly Ungulants and bloodthirsty Harpies.

Good things to know: King Gortwog has banned the worship of Malacath and reinstated Trinimac as the chief Orcish deity. Worshippers of Malacath live as pariahs in the wilderness. Recently, the Orcish mining operations have unearthed a new, durable metal, dubbed Trinium.
In pursuit of the Trinium metal, the Orcs have also uncovered passages leading deep into the mountain below the city.

[Main Quest - Not Yet Implemented] - The strictly religious and devout Wardens are amassing in the old fortress of Greywall, under the leadership of Archmaster Gonriv. Meanwhile, Orcs are starting to report having disturbing dreams. The Orcish King Gortwog calls for a champion to investigate these disturbing developments.
-A completely new land with its own map
-A large city
-Several smaller settlements
-Exotic and dry environment
-New dungeon type: Yokudan ruins
-New enemies to fight
-Dungeons and other points of interest
-New armors and weapons
-Easter eggs and hidden areas (lots of them)
-New background music
-A new player home
-Many new and retextured models
-A huge dungeon complex
-Once I reach 1.0-status, I will allow people to create their own add-ons for this mod.
-More Orcs

This is a BETA release. You will encounter many bugs and/or problems.

2014/09/15 - added a small update which includes missing textures, esp cleaning ,etc.
-I need Orc voices actors (male and female) as well as elven and human male voices
-People willing to write dialogue and invent characters
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) - All the new music
Ga-Knomboe Boy - GKB GREEN TREES
Vicn - Vicn Creature Resources
Oaristys and Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
Markusliberty - Orcish Hut Kit
Zairaam and Natterforme - Tribunal Robes and Masks
gechbal - Stormlord Armor
Zairaam aka Thomas Veyrat - Tribunal Robes
Natterforme - Daedric Lord Armor