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Hi! You are welcomed here ))

I am Andrey (can be written and read as Andrey)

     I love Skyrim very much and returning to it from time to time since 2011. Initially i fascinated the opportunity to create amazing mod sets, and once I got into the creation of mods myself.

     IRL I am the same person as everyone else, except for one thing - I live a happy, albeit financially not an easy life, taking care of my beloved wife, who since childhood has been deprived of the opportunity to stand and walk (legs disability).


     Feel free to help if you really liked things I made by simply:

+ posting a link to AIM FIX mod or videos on community you prefer to share with.

+ drop a free coin on, Patreon or Yandex-money so I be able to develop my projects further.

     Let there will be all the good things in your live.

Regards, Andrey Milyukov aka NeOniq

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