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This mod changes the visuals of vanilla weathers and all interior spaces.

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Aurelia - Weathers and Interiors

I'm pleased to release v3.2 (see changelogs)
This mod uses 1.2 gamma.
Please change it in skyrimprefs.ini´╗┐
or ingame settings brightness 5 clicks left of center.

Adjusted colors, brightness, contrast to name a few to play nicer with the darker image 1.2 gamma produces. It creates a bolder and sharper image overall.Also changed the color of fire to match that of RLO.

Added a gif to images to preview with different lighting mods. Place Aurelia after lighting mod
in load order or the color doesn't look right.

Reworked everything, improved clarity and brightness vibrant (not over saturated)
redid sunrises and sunsets for a better look. New rain.

Added a Darker dungeons version and Darker Dungeons/Darker Nights
This mod changes the visuals of vanilla weathers and all interior spaces.
What does that mean you ask?. Well, basically it replaces every color that was vanilla with a more
eye pleasing pallet.

All new colors for ambient lighting, fog, skies, clouds..ect.. as well as new rain and snow that looks more like the real thing.
Also included is new thunder sounds.

All interiors have been altered, living areas (homes, taverns, farms, inns..ect) have been recolored and brightened.
All dungeons have been darkened about 20%

What this mod doesn't have, unlike CoT, VW, Purity, there is no extras like cloud textures, tools to change weather and such.
Think of it as a light weight mod.

That being said it does have some nice visuals going for it.

Look at changelogs for update info.