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This mod allows the player to use head/eye tracking animations, voice type selection and custom voice function, in consideration of performance and stability.
All the options can be individually enabled or disabled.

Permissions and credits


Head Tracking Options

If enabled, the player character moves their head to look at something or someone.
You can choose either one or both of the following methods for detecting head tracking targets.
  • Crosshair Detection: Detects the current crosshair target unless it is a furniture object (chairs, beds etc) or behind the player.
  • Speaker Detection: Detects a nearby actor that is speaking within the specified radius unless the actors is in Ghost state (immune to any attacks or spell effects).

This function will automatically be disabled while weapons are drawn, first person perspective, and riding mounts.
The behavior is smooth and does not cause periodic twitching/bobbling of the head.
It is also customizable with options to your preferences, such as 'Exception Filter (excludes inanimate objects or inanimate actors)', 'Tracking Distance', 'Tracking Interval' and 'Fix Spine (moves only the head and keeps the spine unaffected)' etc.

Bug Fix:
  • Fixes a vanilla bug that disallows High Elf vampires to use head tracking animations.

Facial Expression Options

Allows the player to make a facial expression when the head tracking is active.
The expressions can be set for each relationship ranks, so you can set it depending on your character's personality.
This option also enables eye tracking animations.

Greeting Options

Allows the player to greet someone when the greeting hotkey is pressed.

  • Automatic Greeting: If this option is enabled, the player will automatically greet nearby actors that have the specified or higher relationship rank with the player when the 'Speaker Detection' is active. This option does not work for summoned actors, hostile actors, current followers and the same actor per day. Also, actors in a quest scene will be ignored.

Voice Type Options

You can set the supported voice types for each female and male character with the Voice Type Menu.
Also you can obtain voice types from crosshair targets with the Voice Type Selector.
By default, it is set to not work for unsupported voice types.
With the Unrestricted Mode enabled, it can obtain any voice type from any actor with no restriction.
This is useful for voice types that are not listed in the menu.
For example, if you wish to use Draugr Voice, enable the Unrestricted Mode and use the voice type selector to a Draugr.
It works also for characters in DLCs.
Presets for some unsupported voice types can be downloaded from the Optional Files section.

Bug Fixes:
  • The "Lun... Lun Aus!" bug fix for the Marked for Death shout is included for the supported voice types.

  • 'Bleedout Bug Fix' option fixes a vanilla bug that disables some of the player's combat voices after bleeding out (no voice when swinging weapons). This can occur after the player's health is exhausted in a brawl or Apocrypha, or when using a mod that makes the player essential. This option works also on savegames that already have this bug.

Supported Voice Types in the Voice Type Menu


B.Y.O. Voice Type Option

With this option enabled, you can build your own voice type by installing your audio files.
This option also provides additional voice events such as Jump, Horse Riding, or Friendly Hit etc. The complete list is in the Installation Guide below and the Folder Structure Reference.
Working examples can be downloaded from the Optional Files section.

This option is required to be enabled for custom voice packs to work.

Audio File Installation Guide


Voice Packs

The Witcher Voice Pack - Geralt of Rivia by Zigen1111
Ciri Voice Pack by ArgonianSoldier
Yennefer of Vengerberg Voicepack by ArgonianSoldier

Harkon Voice Pack by Peanuts17
Male Jester Voice Type Expansion for PC Head Tracking by Feranus
Male Argonian Voice Pack by Dracoilmkt
FemaleYoungEager Voice Pack by Faucheuse10

PC Head Tracking - Voces en ESP Set Male Nord by LatinGames
PC Head Tracking - Voz Female EvenToned by LatinGames

Lynda WonderNord Female Nord Voice Pack by ArgonianSoldier
SerGortwog Male Orc Voicepack by ArgonianSoldier
St.Jiub Voice Pack by ArgonianSoldier
Caius Cosades Voice Pack by Foamybeard
Furious Fargoth Male Bosmer Voice Pack by ArgonianSoldier

Sassy Teen Player Voice for PC Headtracking by Lazuri
CVR Voice Packs by Kikiapplus - Christian Gaughf - Dama Karmelowa
Ohnovakiin Voicepack by ArgonianSoldier
PC Headtracking Karl Pilkington voicepack by ArgonianSoldier

Alice Liddell Voice Pack by JellyBearby


Via a mod manager or manually merge into the Data folder and enable the .esp file.


Optional Requirements

  • The patch contained in the installer requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs.
  • The Save/Load Settings function requires the latest PapyrusUtil.
  • The 'Speaker Detection' option requires a brawl bug fix mod (e.g. Modern Brawl Bug Fix) in order to prevent the brawl from turning into a real fight.


Simply remove the old version and install the new version.
Clean save or new game are not necessary.

To safely uninstall this mod, the following is recommended.

Toggle the head tracking function off.
Disable the Unrestricted Mode and the B.Y.O Voice Type option.
Set the voice type to Default.


If the head tracking function is enabled, it may conflict with mods that allow or disallow head tracking for the player character.

If the voice type options are enabled, it may conflict with mods that change player's voice type.




Ian Patterson
Stephen Abel
Paul Connelly
Brendan Borthwick

- MCM Version -

schlangster and SkyUI Team



- Tools Used for Creating Voice Packs -

Voice File Reference Tool
Xwm Ninja

Yakitori Audio Converter

- Functions Used for Compatibility -

Mfg Console

- Head Tracking Function -

The original idea is from Player Headtracking created by Maegfaer