Skyrim Special Edition
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Serana Voice Pack for PC Head Tracking.

Permissions and credits
At first, I created this voice pack for personal use, after testing for a while I decided to share It.

I have a great admiration for Laura Bailey's work in this game and so many others. Even The Last of US...

So as I said, some tests were made before deciding to upload the Voice Pack, I already know that some audio files need to removed or replaced and keep in mind that you will need to mess with the sliders in PC Head Tracking for the frequency of commentaries, interactions, menus and combat. 

If you think something needs to be removed or tweaked, feel free to tell me. 

Tools used:
Lazy Voice Finder
Yakitori Audio Converter

HHaleyy for creating the mod PC Head Tracking and Voice Type
BowmoreLover for Yakitori Audio Converter and Lazy Voice Finder