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Add several lines and event sfx to the Male Jester/Cicero voice type using the B.Y.O. option from "Pc Head Tracking and Voice Type" .

Permissions and credits
This mod is on the testing phase! I will soon add more content to the mod and fix some glitches that may be found during the testing, but I need your help to find these potential problems that my Skyrim could not detect because it's low performance. I need all your help to update the mod. So please, after downloading this mod, send your feedback through posting on the mod page.

For those who wanted a mod preview: I wish I could post a video, but my game is too laggy to record.

This voice pack was just a personal modification for my own Cicero Roleplay, but after all my effort to make it I realised I needed to share it and contribute to this amazing community that made Skyrim and other games greater to me!


This mod simply uses the B.Y.O. option from Pc Head Tracking and Voice Type mod to add several voice lines to the Male Jester/Cicero voice type. It does not include any references to the Dark Brotherhood or Cicero himself to ensure the immersion while playing not only as Cicero, but any madman that you please.


PC Head Tracking and Voice Type
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) 1.7.3


I recommend to turn down the Action, Magic and Location voice options between 0-30%. It may be quite repetitive for some people because of the lack of Cicero's Generic Dialogue.


*Using NMM*

Install Pc Head Tracking and Voice Type
Download and install Male Jester Voice Type Expansion
Enable B.Y.O. Voice Type Option


Install Pc Head Tracking and Voice Type
Extract the mod files on the "Data" folder
Enable B.Y.O. Voice Type Option


HHaleyy for creating the amazing PC Head Tracking and Voice Type and helping me to create my Voice Pack!
Andrew Morris for his great voice acting as Cicero, the Jester.
The Nexus community, for inspiring me to create and share the mod!