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A newly voiced/custom player character voice + shouts for the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type mod. Inspired by Lucina from the Fire Emblem series, specifically Engage. Voice actress is the acclaimed Kerstyn Unger who is best known for her work on projects such as Serana Dialogue Add-on. Her website can be found here:

Permissions and credits
8/30/23 Update: There is a new update that revises some of the older lines (mainly effort sounds) + The Edge of Dawn as a bonus song!

*As a reminder though, please don't use this mod for training AI. Kerstyn has a clear statement against her voice being used for AI so out of respect for her, don't do it.

A *newly voiced/custom player character voice + dragon shout replacer for the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type mod.

Inspired by Lucina from the Fire Emblem series, specifically Fire Emblem Engage.

Voice actress is the acclaimed Kerstyn Unger who is best known for her work on projects such as Serana Dialogue Add-on. Her website can be found here.

Here are some videos that should help demonstrate what the mod is all about!

User Video/Reviews:

What's Included in This Mod?

A fully comprehensive player voice experience! Unlike most PC Head Tracking and Voice Type mod packs, this uses fully voiced, custom dialogue by the talented Kerstyn Unger, SDA's Serana herself!

This includes the action, bleedout, breath, combat, death, location, magic, menu events, dragon shouts, NPC interactions, and hums (random events)! In those event categories, all the things have been filled as described in the list below:
  • Chair
  • Dragon and Horse Riding
  • Jump and Sneak
  • Eagle Eye Enter and Exit
  • Exhaustion and Sprinting
  • Surfacing
  • Attacks and Fatigued Attacks and Bashes
  • Power Attacks and Fatigued Power Attacks
  • Archery Attacks
  • Friendly Heals and Hits, Trap Hits
  • Hits and Low Health Hits
  • Killmoves, Weapon Ready, Shield Charge
  • Death and Bleedout
  • Dungeons
  • Inns and Stores
  • Player Houses and NPC Houses
  • Clear, Cloudy, Snowy, Raining Weather
  • Books and the Journal Menu
  • Crafting, Lockpicking, Leveling Up
  • Training Finish, Maps, Sleep/Wait
  • Magic and spell effects
  • Dragon shouts
  • NPC greets, goodbyes
  • Musical humming

and so forth... more to come in future updates!
How to Install or Uninstall

It's quite simple really! All you need is to install the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type Mod SE and its requirements then this mod in your mod manager! Then, in-game, go to the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type MCM menu, activate "B.Y.O. Voice Type" and then play! You can adjust the frequency of the events with the MCM options, change the low health percents, etc. You can also adjust the volume of the character voice in the regular sounds/audio menu when you pause the game. You can uninstall this mod whenever you want without issue.

Compatibility/Load Order

This mod should be compatible with anything as long as your mods are compatible with the PC Head Tracking and Voice Type Mod SE and its requirements. Keep in mind, however, that you can only run one character voice pack at a time and would have to swap out the contents of the folder if you want to change the character voice. Load order doesn't matter as this mod doesn't have an actual esp or anything. With the shout update now, it's clear that this mod won't be compatible with other mods that replace shouts. Let this mod overwrite those mods/uninstall those other mods.

- Important Update: any mods that add in new shouts such as Thunderchild are not compatible with this mod's shout replacer. The new shouts added from those mods will be silent due to the conflicts. My reasoning and explanation are down below:

So, I looked into things and it's not as simple as making a patch since it's two different methods of adding shout voices in. The traditional method is simply having the .fuz shout files in the normal Skyrim shout file structure which would replace the vanilla ones. The other method is via PC Head's method of having it in its folder with the files named differently. However, if you use PC Head's B.Y.O. aka the custom voice stuff which is this whole mod, then it forces you into either having the vanilla shout voice or a custom one via PC Head's method.

I couldn't figure a way to have the custom voice through PC Head and then have the shouts through the vanilla method. So unfortunately I can't make it work with mods that add new shouts in. The most I can do is have an optional file for the custom voice only and then maybe a file for shouts only as well. However, with the shouts only, the file names are different like I said and it was extremely difficult trying to match up the correct files so I think I messed up with synchronizing the shouts and so some might be missing or have the wrong words. I'm not confident in releasing it because of that.

Future Updates/Updating

As of the 1.3 update, all the voice events have been covered! That means that I can only make alternative versions of lines now and I do plan on doing so! As far as installing updates is concerned, simply delete the old version and install the new one.
Special Thanks!

Thank you to HHaleyy for the original PC Head Tracking and Voice Type Mod and for Tooneyman for porting it to SE! Also big thanks to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems for creating Fire Emblem and in turn, Lucina! Same goes for Bethesda and creating this game and Serana who in turn led to the creation of Serana Dialogue Add-on by Marty! And of course, the one and only, Kerstyn Unger for doing the voice acting for this mod and SDA!