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A port of my Oldrim voicepack; this is an addon for 'PC Head Tracking and Voice Types'. Intended for a more whimsical & younger female character.

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A simple port of my Oldrim voicepack addon, converted for HHaley's PC Head Tracking and Voice Type SE.

Intended for a more whimsical & younger female character. I decided to port this over after being unable to find an existing voicepack for my new character. While there are good choices out there already like Lazuri's Sassy Teen & ArgonianSoldier's Ciri, the former was a little too snarky for my planned character and the latter is actually the same voice I used in my other Oldrim set 'Sophisticate' (which I may look to combine with Ciri for greater variety if/when time allows and I'm able to contact the author to discuss...)

For an example of the in game voice, check the video out. It's old and painful to watch (for me) now, but does the job to show an example of the voice. Note that the video is for the Oldrim version of this pack which was attached to a different mod, so the event triggering is not strictly the same.

Recommended as good complements to this (or any PC voice addon to this mod):

Death Alternative: Your Money Or Your Life (to hear the "Bleedout" phrases more often)

Heal Me Follower (to hear the "Friendly Heal" phrases more often)


1) Install PC Head Tracking and Voice Type SE as per it's requirements
2) Install the content of this mod to your Skyrim folder by your preferred method (personally I just drag & drop, rather than faff with mod managers for simple things like this, but to each their own) :)
3) Activate the 'BYOV' voice option via the MCM
4) Enjoy!


1) Remove all content from the Data/Sound/Fx/PC Head Tracking


HHaley for the great PC Head Tracking & Voice Type mod in the first place
Tooneyman for porting the main mod to SE

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