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Enhanced Lights and FX has the goal to create a more dramatic and realistic mood to the Skyrim lighting.

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Thanks for all the endorsements, donations and suport, it's a lot work to develop this mod, but I will keep developing it until it's done, you guys will always receive my best in this mod!

For Skyrim or higher

3.0 - Legendary is here along with a few cool stuff!

Report if you see any weird light, surface flickering or mod incompatibility(try to change the load order and see how it goes).

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Enhanced Lights and FX has the goal to create a more dramatic and realistic mood to the Skyrim lights by adding lights to all light sources and removing any light without a source, as well as the addition many more effects like smoke, volumic lights, driples, etc. I made some friendly redesigns as needed too, and some redesigns for more dramatic looking.
This mod will looks better with any mod or ENB that darkens interiors.


-All light sources emits light, even the windows in interiors.
-New candle smoke FX.
-New water reflection.
-New translucent effect to market stands and imperial tents.
-More shadow lights in specific places.
-Each Inn with its own set of lights based in it's local weather.
-Each city with its own set of colors based in it's local weather.
-Enhanced the difference between night and day in interiors.
-Darker and smoky taverns.
-Slight to none FPS loss.


-Darkened interiors.
-Darkened dungeons.
-Darkened fog colors and tweakened it's distances.
-Reduces color tints so no "white" lights.
-Dynamic lighting templates that changes the ambient lighting depending of the lighting in the place.
-Slight increased contrast and saturation.

ELFX - Hardcore.esp

-Carries all ELFXEnhancer.esp changes.
-Makes all not inhabited by humans really dark.

ELFX - Exteriors.esp

-Changes exterior light placements and fx.
-New shaders for the exterior windows on the big cities buildings.
-New lantern bugs for Riften area.
-Fake Shadows added to bridges, ships and boats over the waters.
-Removes the "Doesn't light landscape" flag from many lights so those lights the ground generated by heightmap.
-Adds the "Never fades" flag to almost all lights in exteriors so those can be seem from greater distances depending on your INI settings.
-A few friendly new light placements.

ELFX - Weathers.esp

-Tweaks the weathers lighting and colors
-Bigger sun with new textures creating intense sunrises and sunsets.
-More dense rains with new texture and heavier rain sound for storms.
-The fog from fog weathers more strong allowing you to see only a few meters ahead.
-Nights are darker and depends on the weather. Clear nights will be brighter than stormy ones.

Enhanced Ice

-Changes the ice shaders for ice floes and frozen lakes.

Download the mod using Nexus Mod Manager, activate it and pick the modules you want in the installer.
Download the SMIM Meshes if you have SMIM, make sure you install it after SMIM and ELFX are installed, it doesn't matter the order, overwrite anything it asks to.

If you use Mod Organizer, check it out: ELFX - Enhanced Lights and FX : Mod Organizer by GamerPoets

Enhanced Light and FX

Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change light, fx or the meshes it adds, my meshes are a must have, so make sure it overwrites anything it asks to. You can stick with LOOT load order.

The ELFX Enhancer

-Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change imagespaces and lighting templates, which means ambient light, fog, contrast, saturation, bloom, depth of field, etc.

The ELFX Exteriors

-It should be compatible with everything that doens't place an object over the light sources I placed. You can stick with LOOT load order.

The ELFX Weathers

-It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the weathers. It may be compatible with Climates of Tamriel, because it doesn't change the vanilla weathers, but I don't recommend it, because CoT has so much weathers that you may barely experience mine.

Enhanced Ice

-It should be compatible with any ice retexture and any mod that change the icebergs.

It should be compatible with any ENB setting, but I won't give any support to features that are changed by the ENB.

Video made by insane0hflex


Video made by SaioTV


Videos made by Gopher


Videos made by GamerPoets

Insanely thanks to

-Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit
-skyfox69 for NifUtils
-eclips3d for the installer
-xdayman for BAIN installer
-Niftools Team for Nifskope
-zaga86 for his ice textures.
-Nexus community