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This mod changes the ELFX Weathers made by anamorfus.

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ELFX Revised Bleak Weathers
I love the new ELFX Weathers, but they were a little bit too colorful for my taste. This is my take on the saturation of the weathers.
For more info, please see the description below.

This mod changes the ELFX Weathers made by anamorfus, to something that was more to my liking.

Please notice there is NO ENB used in the screenshots above.

Current changes:
  • new sun texture
  • new sun glare
  • new sun brightness
  • new sun lighting
  • more dramatic sunrises (personal opinion)
  • more dramatic sunsets (personal opinion)
  • sky brightness fixes (far mountains don't appear glowing in certain conditions)

  • Download and install ELFX Weathers from Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Download and install this mod
  • Make sure both ELFX - Weathers.esp and ELFX Revised Weather.esp are checked
  • Make sure ELFX Revised Weather.esp OR ELFX Revised Bleak Weathers.esp is loaded after ELFX - Weathers.esp

Run your game, and (hopefully) you'll like it. :)

Planned for next version:
  • fix fog weathers to remove water-land texture seams as much as possible. This means I will have to tone down the fog, unfortunately...

anamorfus: creator of the amazing Enhanced Lights and FX and ELFX Weathers