About this mod

A very high quality ENB for Cathedral, Obsidian, Vivid, NLVA, SVWI, NLA, Aequinoctium, Azurite and RAID Weathers. Based on Culminated ENB and some SE ENBs. The main objective is to provide ENBs Presets for all available weather mods; this being the conclusion. Offering the best colors and atmosphere completely inspired and drawn from real life.

Permissions and credits

Please read the detailed description on this page before asking any questions. Thanks.

An ENB is a collection of visual effects created by Boris Vorontsov. The idea is to allow each player to configure what the game looks like for their own liking. Many games can look much better and ENBSeries is the easiest way to improve them, adding realistic and fully configurable effects.

ENBSeries is 3d graphic modification for games like TES Skyrim, TES Oblivion, Fallout, GTA, Deus Ex, and others. It work by modifying render functions calls of the games and applying additional effects.It's divided to generic versions and exclusive. First category allow to run it on thousands of games, not all effects will work, but you can try several versions of mod to find best suited. Second, exclusive types of the mod, are games specific versions which developed to work with some game and rarely with same game engine.Available effects are SSAO, SSIL, Depth Of Field, Lens FX, Bloom, HDR, Tone Mapping, Sharpening, Sun Rays, Shadows, Detailed Shadows, Reflection and others in various versions of them.


Amazonia ENB | Official Edition

It is a guide-collection of independent ENBs Presets with a unique and remarkable style with the concept ''Amazonia/Amazonas'' each offering many high quality effects with shaders and parameters carefully configured and customizable to every taste, including own license for a complete and clean finish, care every detail of its development and its constant updates. Made to work on the latest version of ENB Series.

It shines thousands of atmospheres and environments completely different and unique offering different types of environments, sensations, styles, visuals and even more types of representation of nature itself. Shining with incredible and beautiful landscapes, with new climate archives summarized, grouped, independent and visually pleasing with unique adaptations. Providing a vivid visual nature, atmospherically minimalist, including a beautiful combination of colors and environments for each natural ecosystem photorealistic being tropical, jungle, Amazonian, desert, and more diverse polar natural environments completing a complex meteorological system within Skyrim. Highlighting characteristic and different weathers such as strongly rainy, misty, humid, sunny and cloudy, coastal, semi-tropical, jungle and many more; with incredibly clear skies with distinct realistic and dark nights, dilating with an illumination by the beautiful brightness of its stars. Counting on an intelligently realistic adaptation opting to try to imitate the RTX technique indoors and outdoors. Providing in all the interior an extremely realistic and frighteningly dark, with their balanced illuminations in every cave, dungeon, ruin, castle interiors, house interiors and many more.
(Including DLCs: Apocrypha, Dawnguard Fort, SoulCaim)

Made with fully detailed and high-quality dark/bright LODS and compatibility with some mission mods and DLCs such as Darkend, Dawnguard, Solstheim, Summerset Isle and others, each having independent weathers for its corresponding visual. The objective is to try to give pure and total realism, transforming even the most dull and desolate climates into the most realistic and most similar to real life. Totally eliminating the essence of Vanilla and renewing a unique visual. Now, you will enjoy Skyrim visually renewed and with a different touch in your adventures and explorations, if you are lovers of photorealistic photographs do not hesitate to share your photos about this ENB!.

(Enb made and recommended for high resolution 4K/FULL HD monitors)

High Cinematographic Bokeh-DOF (Recommended for Photos).
Real-Time Reflections.

Very High SSAO (Ambient Oclussion).
High Resolution in Textures.
Exquisite color palette with environmental combinations.
High and Adjustable Bloom.

Vibrant Colors and Realistically Intelligent Illumination.
 High Luma Sharpening.
Optional ENB SMAA - Technique.
Multiple EmbMasks f
or amazing photos.
Extreme Quality and Low Quality Options.
Custom and High Fog.
Adaptive atmospheres and beautiful landscapes.
Full and Ultra Realistic Eye Adaptation

RGB, Vibrance and HSV Grading.
Edge Detection, Edgevision and Linevision. 
And More!.

(All being completely easy to configure.)

NLVA Preset: 

It offers a unique color palette, with extremely natural and saturated colors, a relaxingly beautiful and moist environment, frighteningly dark interiors, and colorfully light nights. With illuminated forests and landscapes, bright and clear skies with realistic sunbeams. Suitable for those who love the humid and biscuit environments of nature.

Cathedral Preset:

Now the realism will be much greater, since it will include adaptively dark places, with forests with great shadows and gleaming atmospheres, with reflective and dark interiors, telling its beautiful nights and sunrises with incredible solar rays reflecting on the trees. If you want to better appreciate the very realistic and adaptively spectacular nature, this is your best option.

Obsidian Preset: 

Shine with its new color palette you will now admire a more naturalistic and warm environment. Now counting with better clear, cloudy, humid, rainy, stormy, snowy and more renewed weathers, darkly beautiful nights and colorful stars, unique atmospheres and landscapes with clear skies, as well as interiors with mixed and realistic lighting. Suitable for those who love photorealism, humid-tropical environment, giving deep immersion in every detail of Skyrim.

Azurite Preset: 

A perfect combination of saturation and vividness in all its total atmosphere and landscapes, bringing a spectacular detailed view of natural forests, bright and clear skies, incredibly vivid and shady nights, warm interiors with semi-dark lighting and colorful environments as adaptive at the same time. Providing other independent weathers such as highly foggy, rainy and stormy; clear and cloudy weathers with humid environments. Suitable for lovers of photorealism completely lived, realistic and natural.

SVWI Preset: 

It offers a new remodeled and vibrant atmosphere, landscapes lived with tropical and humid climates, incredible skies full of life, dark and shady nights, warm interiors with intelligently dark and mixed lighting. Giving that colorful and lived feeling of all nature, enchanting your eyes and giving you visual pleasure with every detail you find in Tamriel. Suitable for bright and lived natural appreciation to your total experience.

Vivid Preset: 

Standing out among all; It now boasts its incredible and saturated color palette, which includes tropical and highly foggy weathers, with completely vivid and natural landscapes, incredible sunlight and beautiful shadows through the trees. New and renovated interiors with mixed lighting, spectacular nights, bright environments. Being one of the first with appreciation of environmental lighting renewed realistic and adaptive.

NLA Preset:

It will now stand out with its incredible, completely colorful and vivid atmospheres, with unique and beautifully bright weathers, spectacular nights with cloudy and sunny skies. Made from FNENB, now skyrim will be vividly realistic with incredible landscapes and unique skies, turning forests, caves, coast, and more places into the most colorful and adaptively realistic of all of Tamriel. If you are a lover of an extremely fantasy and realistic experience, this is your ideal preset.

Aequinoctium Preset: 

It offers an incredible visual in all its atmosphere, enchanting the landscapes and environments in the style Nat GEO Ch. With balanced interiors with adaptive light, realistically dark nights, resplendent days with completely natural colors, lived and saturated, clear skies with highly cloudy, foggy and rainy weathers. Indicated for lovers of warm landscapes and total appreciation of the nature lived.

RAID Preset:

Regardless of its Azurite Preset variant, this includes a more vivid style with dazzling and deep colors, warm atmospheres with cloudy landscapes, incorporating a new realistic BLOOM with mixed lighting, depending on each climate in its beauty of its skies and stars, such as imersive and adaptive nights and sunsets. Recommended for lovers of landscapes and environments full of realism and color.

To be seen as shown in the images, the following mods are required and recommended:

Starting with the most IMPORTANT of all and the obligatory...
(Download each one in order and replace them.)


This is the most important and mandatory requirement to correspond correctly with the visual that is desired.
Remember that Cathedral, Obsidian, Vivid, NLVA, SVWI, NLA, 
Aequinoctium, Azurite and RAID Weathers are totally different mods, so you should NOT use them together, this would cause total chaos in the visual.)
Remember to read the Load Order section to know the correct positioning of the climatic plugins or their ''.esp''.
First of all and as a first step, download and install:

--------------------------| OBSIDIAN WEATHERS |-------------------------

Obsidian Weathers and Seasons LE

Sharp, ominous, and atmospheric weathers that accentuate proximal detail while obscuring distant landscapes with mysterious fogs. Obsidian Weathers and Seasons is a collaborative work by the authors of Dolomite and Rustic Weathers; a hybridization of artistic styles that glorifies Skyrim for her beauty while preserving her dated modesty.
Install it as you would normally install any other mod.  

-------------------------| CATHEDRAL WEATHERS |------------------------

Cathedral Weathers and Seasons LE

Incredible climates and natural colors you will see with this mod. Together with Obsidian Weathers and Aequinoctium, it will bring better aspects to the basic climates of Skyrim, making them vivid and naturally beautiful.

Cathedral Weathers and Seasons - AddOn

Includes edits and fixes made by Rudy and adjusted image spaces, moon, water by Soulmancer and Rudy's tweaked INI.
Install them as you normally would by installing any other mod.
And put ''Cathedral Weather Godrays.esp'' after ''Cathedral Weathers.esp'' in your load order.

----------------------------| VIVID WEATHERS |---------------------------

Vivid Weathers - a complete Weather and Visual overhaul for Skyrim

Vivid Weathers is the latest and biggest Weather and Visual Overhaul for SkyrimIt overhauls all the Skyrim Weathers and imagespaces as well as add a whole bunch of newWeathers (500+) and effects (Snowstorms, blizzards, thick fog, distant fogs, distant rain, particle snowflakes...) and much more!.
Install it as you would normally install any other mod.  
Vivid Weathers has to be priority, when installing it do not allow the other mods to replace the Vivid Weathers files.

----------------------------| NLVA WEATHERS |---------------------------

Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics

Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics (NLVA) is a weather mod built mostly from the assets of NLA, Vivid Weathers, Ethereal Clouds, and Mindflux snow. Although there have been many extraordinary weather mods, not one employs fog and rain effects as well as VW; nor has anyone else produced sunsets and sunrises as breathtaking as those found in Manga's and Kesta's masterpiece.
Install it as you normally install a mod.

----------------------------| SVWI WEATHERS |---------------------------

SVWI - Simple Vanilla Weathers Improved

Lightweight weathers mod that aims on improving the vanilla weathers, fixing mismatching ambient colors of grass, tree LODs and other stuff.
Comes with its own optional ENB presets, great visuals at low performance cost.
We only need the Weather SVWI.esp, not the ENB offered by this mod.
Install it as you normally install a mod.

----------------------------| NLA WEATHERS |----------------------------

Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB

This is an incredible mod that changes and 
modifies all standard weathers including clear, cloudy, foggy, rain, overcast, and snowy for more natural colors and atmospheric effects of the game to more vivid and renewed realistic ones.
IInstall it manually avoiding the ENB Preset it brings with it.
We will only need, install and activate in our load order the Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp.

----------------------| AEQUINOCTIUM WEATHERS |-----------------------

Aequinoctium - Weathers and Seasons

A soft, fantasy/realistic hybrid weather overhaul featuring seasonal weathers, shorter days during winter and interior rain sounds. Aequinoctium strongly emphasizes the visuals with each season having their own looks and feels, making the experience fresh every season.
Install it as you would normally install any other mod. 

-------------------------| AZURITE WEATHERS |---------------------------

Azurite Weathers Lite

Lightweight, fast and vivid weather mod for Skyrim brought from Special Edition. Embarking a renewed visual of many of tamriel's remarkable climates, enchanting illuminations, brightness and lighting. Making them look fresh and natural.
Install it as you would normally install any other mod. 
Azurite Weathers has to be priority, when installing it do not allow the other mods to replace the Azurite Weathers files.

---------------------------| RAID WEATHERS |----------------------------

RAID Weathers (Legendary Edition)

RAID Weathers is the first weather mod specifically optimised for stealth and combat detection balance. It is based on ELFX Weathers, but the visuals have been heavily overhauled. Performance friendly. 1100+ hours of work.
Install the main file as you would normally install any other mod.

Then we need beautiful clouds and cloudy places. For this we install first:

Vivid Clouds and Fogs - Vanilla and Climates of Tamriel

This Mod aims to replace most of the Vanilla And Climates of Tamriel Clouds, Fog (Mountain fogs), Steams and smoke textures with high resolution- ENB ready textures, while trying to maintain the look & feel of Vanilla skyrim. It also adds new Fog effects and Speeds up the cloud movement!
Remember not to select the clouds of Climates Of Tamriel.
(I recommend installing the high resolution clouds)

Real Clouds

This mod adds pseudo-volumetric clouds to Skyrim, i.e realistic 3D clouds.These clouds will change in coverage and altitude depending on the current weather.As well as normal clouds, there are also rain clouds which you can see raining in the distance, 
(at close distances they will look like fog).
There is also a random variation applied to the coverage and altitude to create more variation. This mod also adds 3d lightning strikes both up close and in the distance.

Morning Fogs Refined

Adds a pleasant morning mist over rivers and docks near cities and towns. Indicated in cities or towns, with great realism 
and dramatically cloudy.


For a good realistic and immersive lighting indoors, we will need a lighting mod (obviously) but a NICE lighting mod. 


This is the most required and careful step for realistic lighting. In basic download and install:

Enhanced Lights and FX

As you will see 
Amazonia ENB  depends a lot on darkly realistic interiors, for this you need Enhanced Lights and FX. An important mod that renews all the lighting of Skyrim to a more immersive and dramatic, beautifully reviving caves, dungeons, ruins, among more interiors...
Installs all options, among them it enables only in ''interiors'' the ELFX - Hardcore.
After that uncheck in your loading order the following plugin: ELFX - Weathers.esp.

For better shadows and completely realistic in real time. It is necessary to install:


This mod is responsible completely fixing and improving many shadow bugs that Skyrim brings by default. Making them perfect throughout Tamriel. 
In your load order deactivate/hide or simply delete the "Shadows - Weather Tweaks.esp"
(ShadowCastersFix is already disabled internally in the enbseries.ini for the correct functionality of the mod)

Enhanced Shadows (EVLaS LE)

This will provide better synchronization when updating the shadows by the sun and moon. Making them more realistic and giving the effect of shadows in real time.


And finally, we will leave the best step that will conclude with the total beauty of this ENB Preset:


As a final step, we will change and improve the water with this incredible and fascinating mod:

Realistic Water Two

This will literally change the skyrim water to a more impressively realistic and immersive one, adding textures, fixes, sounds, waves and much more. Renovating all lakes and oceans of Skyrim. Highly necessary for this ENB.

Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two

ClearWater for ENB and RWT

Although RWT already brings retextured for water, these two mods will improve it completely. Redesigning textures to blend beautifully with any ENB Preset, adding clarity, transparience and polishing color in the water for complete realism.

(Just download and install one, don't try to download or combine these two texture mods.)


You can also improve the visual with this ENB by combining them with other mods (4k textures, better trees, foliage, etc.) that obviously do not conflict with any other mod that this ENB Preset requires. Remember to read the Compatibility section, follow and read carefully the facilities of each required mods. Any questions I will try to answer as soon as possible.

These mods are not necessarily required but are highly recommended to fully comply with the realism of this ENB.


To install these mods, click on the image to access its official page, follow their instructions and endorse!


1)Copy the d3d9.dll, enbhost.exe and enblocal.ini from the "WrapperVersion" folder of ENBSeries v0.459/or lastest for TES Skyrim to the Skyrim root directory where TESV.exe is located. (POSTING THE ENBSERIES BINARY FILES ON NEXUS SITES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED)

Select Version and open folder you want (Extreme Quality or Low Quality)
|    -     Each ENB Preset brings with it standalone Addons for better customization to your liking,
such as Free Fly Cam Plugin, Enb SMAA, and more. 
If you want to install them read the text document and follow the instructions.

3)Install the preset that you more like and copy the enbseries folder and enbseries.ini, to the Skyrim root directory, overwrite everything!.


If you use Intel, AMD or NVIDIA turn off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in game options menu or graphic card drivers. The ENBs Series has own antialiasing and anisotropic filter. And in your GPU setting, Ambient Occlusion must be Off.

These ENBs Presets were designed for high gamma monitors, in my case (1920 x 1080), if you use low resolution monitors this will probably be sharper than normal. Remember to adapt the resolution of your monitor in enbeffectprepass.ini


Edit or add the following settings in the SkyrimPrefs.ini located in "(Your Documents folder)\My Games\Skyrim":


Check the enblocal.ini settings are configured as follows:


The following are optional but recommended settings:




This ENB comes by default with an enblocal.ini, but just use it as a reference!! This will explain my personal configuration and some tips for better visual/performance when installing any ENB Preset.

I recommend using: BethINI for better configuration with the VRAMTest tool.
If you have problems with performance (stuttering, jerking, etc...) visit: Enblocal.ini Guide.

Yes, the visual of each of the Preset ENBs offered by Amazonia depends on the load order of your plugins, the priority being the selected weather plugin. LOOT does a good job of sorting the plugins for better optimization and stability to your game, but in this case it is necessary to do it manually to respect the visual given in the images towards your gaming experience.

Load Order 1                                                                                         LoadOrder 2

| ELFX-Exteriors.esp                                                                                                                                                         ELFX-Exteriors.esp |
|  Skyrim Particle Patch.esp                                                                                                                                      Skyrim Particle Patch.esp |
| Skyrim Ice Shader Fix.esp                                                                                                                                                 Weather SVWI.esp |
| Morning Fogs.esp                                                                                                                                                 Skyrim Ice Shader Fix.esp |
| Real Clouds.esp                                                                                                                                                               Morning Fogs.esp |
| ELFX-Hardcore.esp                                                                                                                                                             Real Clouds.esp |
| Weather SVWI.esp                                                                                                                                                          ELFX-Hardcore.esp |

This is based on taste and how you want your Skyrim to look. The right thing to do is to comply with Load Order 1, but some Preset ENBs depend on Load Order 2. So in the following list we will see the correct order for each weather:

For Cathedral Preset:
Depends on Load Order 1

For Obsidian Preset:
Depends on Load Order 1

For NLVA Preset:
Depends on Load Order 1

For Vivid Preset:
Depends on Load Order 2

For SVWI Preset:
Depends on Load Order 1

For NLA Preset:
Can be used in Load Order 1 or 2

For Aequinoctium Preset:
Depends on Load Order 2

For Azurite Preset:
Depends on Load Order 2

For RAID Preset:
Depends on Load Order 1

This ENB Preset was made exclusively for Cathedral, Obsidian, Vivid, NLVA, SVWI, NLA, Aequinoctium, Azurite and RAID Weathers and ELFX only. According to the Introduction section, to achieve the complete realism of this ENB follows on foot the instructions and installations of the required and recommended mods. This means that it is not compatible with COT, ELFX Weathers, Pure Weather, Purity, Claralux, RLO, URWL, etc... While you can increase or combine the realism of this enb with other mods that add visual but it is incompatible with any mod that alters the climates or lighting other than  Cathedral, Obsidian, Vivid, NLVA, SVWI, NLA, Aequinoctium, Azurite, RAID Weathers and ELFX.

Remember that this ENB can vary its visual on each PC. What does this mean? Well, this ENB fulfills its total objective, which is to make the visual of your game completely realistic, obviously that visual can depend on your game graphics configuration (low, medium, high and ultra), your monitor calibration, visual mods and more. You are free to test your own configuration and even try to make your game look even more realistic with this ENB using other mods that do not conflict with it, remember that any questions do not forget to contact me and I will try to give you my full support. 

On the performance that this ENB can get on your pc depends on how powerful it is, since in itself this ENB is made and recommended for the exclusive use of high-end pc for its various effects and load of them that drastically lower your FPS, consider adding a Medium version sacrificing a little visual for the unique gameplay and to the taste of whoever prefers it. You can also control the effects of this ENB in the same Enb-GUI by entering the Enblocal.ini Guide and find to your liking the way in which it can be playable in your system.

In my case and unfortunately I play on a very low-end PC, with a medium configuration in my Skyrim [Textures in Medium, Decals in Poor, Shadow Resolution 2048, and other low values] and with this ENB a result of very high quality in images is achieved although it does not seem ;).

My English is no better since I am not a native of USA. I hope I have been as understandable as possible.

ENB Series
by Boris Vorontsov

AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening
  Copyright (c) 2017-2019 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All rights reserved.
 ReShade port by SLSNe
Optimizations by Marty McFly

Crazy Flare Lens
by kingeric1992
inspired by John Chapman, Pseudo Lens Flare
Boris Vorontsov, Original enblens.fx

Lens Dirt Textures For ENB Vol.1
by Tekknik Loopcore aka R3vo

ENB Bloom Effect for Skyrim
by prod80
Kabloom! GUI bloom control rev3
by Kermles
Enbbloom.fx file (Imported from Suki's ENB) from DAHAKA ENB

Sun Sprite Effect
by kingeric1992

MariENB 2
by Marisa Kirisame. Uploaded by OrdinaryMagician

Depth of Field
by kingeric1992

Enjoy and Endorse ;)!.
Part of the code used in this ENB is published under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Thanks to Rudy102! for allowing me to use some of his files in this ENB (This time if I finished them using lol).
Many thanks to Foxnne, and with his permission to make the NLA Preset based on his incredible FNENB. Obviously also crediting TheForkOnTheLeft for being the original creator of what was taken based on FNENB and the NLA Preset.
Most of the credits go to firemanaf, Since this ENB Preset was based on some weathers and codes of his incredible ENBs.